everything and everyone irritates me

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    it takes every ounce of control not to rip my familys head off. I was known for how easy going I was. N ow Im in pain 24/7 so everything irritates me. I have to just keep my tone and mouth shut but sometimes Im caught off guard.Does this happen to anyone else I dont see it changing anytime soon. love gail
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    Mine comes and goes. Sometimes I irritate myself. I can only laugh about it after this state of mind passes.

    I have to place myself in time outs--I go to my room--keep my distance and try to not deal with issues on the phone as I can get overly stressed much too easily and I imagine that dealing with me is not picnic.

    I hate it. On the other hand the things I get overly annoyed about can be so ridiculous.
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    Mine comes and goes as well. Im much more laid back now than when I was younger. It usually happens when I have to shop. Walmart is the only place for us here and by the time Im through, my pain is thru the roof. I have a hard time dealing. It also doesnt help that invariably I run into someone I know who wants to talk. Im doing good to get my shopping done, you know? And I'm still tense when I get home. Youre definitely not alone here.
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    pain definitely lowers tolerance to things that wouldn't bother one if not in pain. When I was getting nearly 24/7 bad sinus headaches, I was working on learning to dissociate them by meditating... it's definitely a 'learned skill' & not always easy to do, a good hypnotist can help. I was especially inspired by some E. Indian ''guru' whose name I can't remember who had bad daily headaches as well but managed to still have a life by doing this.

    For anxiety or tension, btw, L-theanine can help...
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    Gail, I have been feeling that way now for almost two weeks now. These feelings come and go for me, but it's not big surprise at all when I'm in more pain, fatigue, etc. that this irritation becomes severe to me.

    I work in a hospital with many people in my department, but I also see so many more people in just the everyday workplace. It has taken every once of my restraint sometimes to not mouth off at someone who is irritating me.

    Unfortunately, in a large work atmosphere like where I am, these feelings of getting annoyed at people can be common. You know how "they" say, Just walk away, or get up out of your chair and do something else and you should calm down? Not true for me when my pain is out of control and I feel cheated, angry, depressed about my health, it is hard to contain myself.

    However, I realize I have to find a way, and that is where it can become even more frustrating because you feel trapped in your angry emotions for the moment.

    Chronic pain doesn't escape us. We can't just walk away from it. It follows us everywhere. Although, this is not anyones fault including ourselves, it is so difficult to manage it.

    I don't have any kids or a husband to lash out to, and I am grateful for that, but I can only imagine if I did, it wouldn't be fair to them or me for that matter.

    I have talked to therapists, try to take care of myself, I started exercising, although now I am in a terrible flare, so I had to stop for a while, I try to pace myself, I really do try, but sometimes I think it can be this condition itself that can just put us over the edge.

    Hang in Gail, It may not be changing soon, but try to take things day by day, that's all we can do. Hugs to you, Chelz.

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    thank you I hate the way I feel I tell my DGD that Im crabby and Im so sorry shes so sweet sh you all here help me know Im not alone. love gaile understands. Ill get some of the supplement you suggested I try breathing meditating and such Im afraid of hypnotising.you all help me so much love gail
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    I used to be such an upbeat, positive, friendly person when younger & healthier. Now I'm just grateful I don't live w/anyone but my dog who gets yelled at when he overbarks.

    Don't like how I feel but I try hard to find tools to soften my symptoms & mood. Not easy, and what really gets to me is having to get on the phone about something, and the person at the other end doesn't have a clue about much. I can sometimes go off on them, or now I just ask for the manager so I can usually have a "civil" talk.

    But I try to stay off the phone, and thankful I'm retired and don't have to deal w/anyone on a regular basis. Working w/others..........well I just can't imagine in my condition how I'd handle that.

    I believe there are alot of people out in the world who are doing crazy, violent things as a result of their stress levels, and who knows what else. Avoid as much as you can is what I'd do.

    And for the non-compassionate ones.............well what goes around comes around may give some peace to your thoughts.
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    When I'm feeling my worst, I don't lose control of my emotions and yell and scream at everyone, I am just the opposite ... I keep quiet and don't talk, it just takes too much out to me to yell or argue. Then I will just tell everyone that I'm in bad shape that day and can't handle it.