Everything being blamed on FMS

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    I have had FMS for over 20 yrs and have experienced the miriad of symptoms. I also have a long list of other medical issues. I have been experiencing extreme nausea, fatigue and I am listless and weal. I am going to see my doc again tomorrow but I know he is going to blame it on FMS again. I know this is different, but can't get anyone to listen. What can I do?
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    This is common with doctors . It took me over 13 doctor for them to run an autoimmune panel.
    Suggest a CBC and autoimmune panel,thyroid panel. But be as calm as you can through the visit. There are doctor that dx. fms without true symptoms of it just to give you the brush off. Most immune diseases have similar symptoms but different blood markers. And blood markers don't always stay negative so repeat test can be necessary for a true diagnoses.
    For me it took me to see a psychiatrist and get a "normal" report before the doctors did anything else . But since it took so long for them to get it right my joints were already severely damage and deforming. Don't give up if you feel that it's not totally Fm . Many of us have Fm/cfs
    as well as the possibility of RA,Lupus ,lymes, ......the list is very long with autoimmune diseases .
    And a lot of the time it can be just a b-12 or vit. D difieceny .

    Write down what you want to say prior to you visit so you don't forget anything. If the doctor still ignores your request . Ask them Why they feel the way they do? They need to present you with facts for what they believe. They need proof .
    Doctors are visual . They also have to have good reason to run tests. Ins. companies are cracking down on what doctors can and can not do .
    So present your case as with enough declamation as you can . If the doctor still ignore you .
    fire them and get a new one. You can also make a grievance report to your insurance.

    Everyone has the right to be treated with respect from their doctor. But it doesn't always happen that way. Not everything is FMS . It just usually the first diagnoses doctors give when they don't really know whats wrong too.
    I total understand where your coming from.