Everything you want to know about sleep stages!

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    One of my favorite websites, that of Dr. Joseph Mercola, has a new article that explains all about the various stages of sleep, with a nice graph, about neurotransmitters produced and in which stages they are produced, about the effects of increasing various stages of sleep on health, about the hormones cortisol, DHEA and melatonin and how they relate to sleep, and more....It is 3 webpages long, and I have no idea how to import such a long article to this site.
    For those who are interested in this subject, this is the most comprehensive thing I've seen on it, so it's worth going to Dr. Mercola's web site to read it. It is halfway down the left hand side of the front page under "Top Health Stories", and is the second article there, entitled: "Learn How Your Brain Creates a State of Optimal Health, and How You Can Vastly Improve It".
    This is not an article for those in major fibro-fog. It is very scientific, so if you are foggy today, save it for later!
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    and printed out the article. Will take it home and try to digest it!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! WLE

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    good as always
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