everythings crazy!!!!i cant take it!!!!!

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    hello,my first time here.i guess you all know the usual details,fibro,cfs,tmj,menieres,etc...,i'm soooooooooo tired of it all!!!!! i just want to be normal.i've been tryig to "act"like there's nothng wrong with me,it's only wearing me out,making me feel worse.impossible.i don't like to whine,i don't want people to feel sorry for me.i'm tying to get disability,but it's taking so long,i need income,but theres no way i can work.i don't know what to do.i hate this crap! i feel like crap!i feel like nobody understands.i don't have anybody to talk to about this. i've gained weight and can't seem to get it in gear to loose it,i really want to quit smoking ,but it controls me too.i have 2 kids,and a wonderful boyfriend,i have to go on.i just don't know how.i feel like i'm not good enough for them.i just want to scream.i feel much less than a person.there's so much i want to do, and be,why is it so hard????? somebody please help me!!!!!!glittergirlgold@webtv.net
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    I feel the same way. I have had FMS and CFS together for almost 3 years now.Lately I have found that actually telling people I am disabled and not trying to be normal has helped.I accept that I will never be the person physically I once was but I am still ME inside.
    So instead of trying to push til i drop I make my appts after 2pm and I ask for help with everything physical that needs to be done.I am on disability and am going to get household help which will be such a relief.For too long i kept trying to look like nothing was wrong and because I look fine nobody believed I was feeling like crap.I too smoke and gained alot of weight i once was a professional ballet dancer so being fat and inactive was a terrible blow to me.Nobody can cure this and we know it.All I ask from doctors is pain control.Thats not always easy to get either but I was recently lucky with that.Overall I am deteriorating and I know it.Still I enjoy small and simple pleasures and I pray alot.I am alone I have no family and due to the social isolation which comes from all this have few friends.But it really does help to work with the condition instead of against it.You have to let go of the past and look at the tiny things in the present you can still do.I really was as frustrated as you once and ashamed of being a burden on the state but no more.I ask for help,speak up about my disabilities and never push beyond what little I can physically do now.This eliminates mental stress which helps physically I think.Anyway I have never seen a message board before til just now and when I saw your question I felt sad for you and wanted to write.Maybe nothing I said helps much but at least you know you arent alone!I prayed fo you...
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    roxane,hey,thank you for your reply,i am glad to hear someone understands.i'm sorry you are alone. it's like this is a silent and agonizing ailment, because not many people have even heard of fibromyalgia,if only they knew just how real,bewildering,and life altering it really is,maybe we wouldn't feel so alone and helpless sometimes.i think fibromyalgia awareness is really important for us,there should be more information availible to non sufferers, as well as to our families, and all who are involved in our lives. any suggestions on how to make this better known to the public?? glittergirlgold@webtv.net hope you have a good day!!!!!!!! w/b/s....glitter