Evolved strain of Gonorrhea

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    On TV news was the story that the STD Gonorrhea has evolved now into a strain that is so antibiotic resistent that it is getting down to one antiobiotic that will work. The reporters also said that the STD has virtually no symptoms. That would make it a stealth, resistent disease. Wow, I'm sure that story sent many listeners running to doctors for STD testing.

    I found the CDC site with goes into more details for anyone that is interested:

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    Docs will likely start using this one ABX to treat other things and the gonorrhea will become resistant to that too. Every time one ABX is developed, others have to be developed to treat the resistant strains the first one produced. It's a never-ending cycle. ABX were one of the greatest advances in medicine but overuse has turned the whole scenario into a disease nightmare.

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