Evolving Viruses

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    Dr. Nancy Klimas once said that CFS is like The Little AIDS. I think there is a very good possibility that both CFS and FMS come from some kind of viruses.

    I'm watching a documentary right now about Evolution. In it, they talk about how HIV is evolving right before our eyes. Many or all patients with HIV have to keep changing to new drugs because the virus keeps adapting, evolving to new forms that evade the drugs. I've also read elsewhere that there are many strains of HIV out there and that some strains are much worse than others and that the patients who have the most strains because they continued to get reinfected are the worst off and die sooner.

    An AIDS patient on the documentary states, “HIV has the capacity to evolve no matter what you give it.” This is making me think because all of us react to remedies differently and also many of us find that something that works stops working for us in time or starts making us worse. I have experienced this time and again myself.

    There are 19 HIV drugs on the market today. Another AIDS patient says, “Of the 19 I've already been through 14 of them.” Some AIDS patients are unable to tolerate the meds at all or unable to tolerate some of them.

    What I didn't fully realize before is that the HIV virus is rapidly evolving in each AIDS patient. A doctor on the documentary says that the drugs combat HIV in the test tube just fine, the problem is they can't keep up with how the virus is evolving within each patient.

    An HIV doctor says, “HIV replicates billions of new viruses in white blood cells in the AIDS patient every day and each time it reproduces, random genetic copying mistakes called mutations result in slightly different varieties of the virus bursting forth into the bloodstream. Some of these new varieties just by chance will have traits that make them resistant to certain drugs. So when drugs enter the bloodstream, natural selection favors the drug resistant forms. They survive and reproduce. Before long, drug resistant viruses dominate in the patients body.”

    “In the case of HIV it takes minutes to hours for HIV to move from one species to another.” Yes, he used the word “species”!

    He continues, “It's mind-boggling in terms of the speed with which HIV can replicate. The virus is reproducing itself on the order of billions of copies a day.”

    Because of these miraculous HIV drugs most patients with AIDS these days look well.

    I'm not saying that we have the same virus as HIV, what I am saying is that there is likely some kind of virus or viruses that have mutated to cause CFS and maybe FMS and are continuing to evolve. To me, this would explain everything we're experiencing. If HIV can do this intense evolving, why not Polio, EBV, HHV6, or some other virus?

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    i myself have 2 viruses, and i have thought for a long time, that they have something to do with these dd's.

    also the enviroment, may contrubute to our immune systems breaking down.

    i try to keep up on research about stealth virsuses,
    there has been some good post's about them,
    most are probably gone, with all the board changes, over the 9 years i have been here.

    i print out what is of interest to me, just in case.

    good post, and thanks fo bringing this up.
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    It can change to 3 different forms, but through its own intelligent design.

    There is also a Lyme forum with ProHealth.

    Lyme is known to destroy the immune system.

    Even with Lyme, you have to rotate antibiotics.

    The best defense is a good offense, if you have metal toxicity, esp Mercury or Lead, you have to get rid of these. A strong immune system will eat up mutating, evolving viruses, bacterias and fungi.

    Lyme is very heat intolerant. Does heat make you feel better?

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