Exaggerated Knee Jerk Reaction

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Empower, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Well I am on my probably 50th doctor (and my last)

    He noted an strong knee jerk reaction and indicated that this is slightly abnormal

    Anyone else have this with FMS or CFS?
  2. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    Doc tapped my knee with that little hammer and my leg FLEW up and I nearly kicked him off his stool. He jumped back and said "Whoa!!!" Same on both knees. He also said it was a little unusual but didn't seem concerned. I couldn't find anything on the internet about why this might happen.

    I'm curious to see whether anybody else has experienced this, and whether there's an FM/CFS connection.
  3. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I have a very strong knee reaction whenever someone even LIGHTLY taps my knee.

    My friends find it amusing.

    I always just thought it was one of my quirks.
  4. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi, I have the same with my knees and elbows. My new LLMD said this is seen in those with adrenal exhaustion. I have never heard this before but for me it would be true. My adrenals have been tested and are dysfunctional. I still don't know if it's Lyme after all the tests but he is going to treat me first for metals, parasites and viruses. Maybe some of you could mention the adrenals to your DR.s. I would be curious about this in relation to the reflexes. Jess
  5. Lichu3

    Lichu3 New Member

    Normal people can have strong knee jerks reactions ( and other reflexes) as well.

    Other things also influence how significant it is:

    If you have it markedly only on one side of your body, a neurological reason is more likely.

    Also, if you only have it in one type of joint (e.g. knee) vs. all your joints (ankles, elbows, etc.).

    Gnerally, the reaction needs to be interpreted in light of the FULL neurologic exam and your medical history.

  6. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    I've lived all my life in an area with zero risk. But the adrenal insufficiency is definitely something I'll look into. There must be some explanation. Both my knees are like that but I don't think my reflexes elsewhere have ever even been checked.
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  7. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Sutherngrl is right. I see by your profile that you are in southeastern TN. It's my understanding the deer ticks HAVE been found in Tennessee. Your knee jerk reaction may not be Lyme at all, but you may want to find out more about risk. Lyme is found in nearly all 48 contiguous states in the U.S. And that's not even including similar tick-borne illnesses.
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    ALEESLP New Member

    is the term that my CFS doctor placed in my initial report. I also have hypermobility in my fingers, knees, and toes.  I went to a rheumatologist the summer before I was diagnosed because a constantly elevated RF. I think that doctor thought it was amusing because he saw so many people with limited mobility. My CFS doctor [not the rheumatologist has given me a diagnosis of RA due to RF test results and abnormal hand films]. You should know that this rheumatologist said I did not have CFS because my EBV titer were so high and my early antigen was positive. He said I just had chronic mono and the only thing I could do was rest.

  9. Empower

    Empower New Member

    For your responses

    I feel a little better
  10. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    Thanks for your input about Lyme... but I did consider that possibility long ago and did some research. The risk of Lyme is categorized as "Low" in a few TN counties (none of which I've ever been in, except driving through) and "No Risk" in every area where I've ever lived.

    I rarely leave the state (don't travel well), am an apartment dweller and have never been one to spend much time outdoors. That's why I concluded the odds are very slim of LD, in my case.

    BUT, if I thought there was even a 1% possibility of having Lyme I would certainly be tested... I know we all just want to understand the root of our DDs so we can find the best treatment options.

    layla1954 (Lee Ann)
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  11. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    very "brisk" knee reflexes. I sometimes have absent reflex on the bottom of my left foot. I have ME - classified as a neurological condition by WHO. I wonder if this will turn out to be yet another common finding.

    Peace out,
  12. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I think I have always had a strong knee jerk reaction

    Thanks for the kind words on my profile pic
  13. tansy

    tansy New Member

    as well as absent or weak reflexes and reversed plantar (foot) reflexes. These have been well documented in ME; in fact you will find the abnormal plantar reflexes mentioned in descriptions of ME.

    ME is classified as a neurological condition by the World Health Organisation; in order to achieve that classification some signs of a neurological disorder would have had to be included.

    Although these are found in ME/CFS it is important they're followed through because they can also be an indication of other treatable conditions. While CFS remains a diagnosis of exclusion there's a very real risk of misdiagnosis; or of missing comorbid health issues.

    tc, Tansy

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