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    My examiner cld once to tell me that she was asked by a Dr. @ DDS to call and ask what caused my depression? I rumbled on and on. I found this strange, especially with numerous pages of ailments that they had on file. My son came over to vaccum just the other day. He has told me several times that I need some help. My sons do not know I'm already seeing a psychiatrist often and counseling. I then told him that I had been seeing a psych for some time now and that I am on lots of meds. He then asked why was I so unhappy. That's when I broke down and sobbed and explained to him how sad, lonely, unworthy and helpless I felt. He knows that I'm in constant pain. He then stated that if it meant him getting a second job to help me, he was willing. He also says, because I want you to live your time you have left happy. How can you began to try to explain something to someone that wouldn't understand? Unless you've been there, it's almost impossible to put into words.
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    Actually I would have told DDS to contact my doctor, a professional, for a full diagnosis and his/her professional opinion of why those diagnosis. Be careful on what you state to DDS or even SSD because you are not a doctor. It can be impossible for patients to fully understand all the reasons for their depression or other diagnoses the doctor may have and for some with deeper problems, it may take years to fully get to the bottom of it all and understand.

    It was difficult for me to actually accept that I was disabled. In fact, I kept the disabled plaquard on my rear view mirror for several years before finally getting the disabled license plate (which was no additional cost). I kept looking at my disabilities as temporary and that I could push myself and "beat them" and recover and be okay. That never happened. I kept falling using the walker and got a concussion and later fell and hit my head hard on metal and put my jaw out of alignment and developed some cognitive problems but Emergency just kept looking at me and telling a new intern that they could tell I hit my head because look at my eye and that side of my face--and I was getting ready to vomit for some reason and the idiots didn't even x-ray or anything, just sent me home--I now realize I should have demanded a CAT scan at least because if they could see problems involving my eye and face, the doctor and intern should have been running tests for brain damage. After I got the SSD, I used the backpay to get an electric scooter and the scooter lift for the back of my car and wanted to start my life anew.

    I had to stop beating myself up and realize that I was going to be disabled and in that electric scooter until science could come up with some fantanstic medical procedure or equipment to fix my back. I didn't have supportive family, but I realized that being disabled didn't make me a criminal, worthless or less than anyone else. I really love that scooter and it has made a real world of difference to me. I had also received counseling and that helped a lot because there was depression, I had PTSD, anxiety, social anxiety, and at times agoraphobia.

    I found a local disabled support group that also helped. Please know that you may be disabled, but you are still a good person and so worthy of friendship, happiness, love, independence and all the other good things in life. It's hard to see all those things while still in the SSD process and that process wears many people down, but we that are here care. Don't give up on yourself because there is a whole lot out there for you. And I'm so glad you have such a wonderful son that cares so much about you and that makes you way ahead in this world. Many, many hugs.
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