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    called, "Magical Medicine: How to Make a Disease Disappear" is at:

    (It is written re the UK but it contains a wealth of info about the real physical issues in ME/CFS as well as the poor treatment that has arisen form the psych camp, and so much more)

    I mentioned it in another post, & originally thought that someone probably posted about it already and I just didn't see it (which is why I didn't start a new thread about it rt away).....however, I still have not seen mention of it here, so I decided to post a separate thread about it anyway

    It is very long, but really well done.....just looking at the table of contents should give someone who says that CFS is a psych illness reason to reconsider

    I think it would be really great if the people writing the new DSM would read this first, although considering that two of them are from the UK and very strongly associated with the Wessely school, I don't know if it would make a difference, or not
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    lot of pages to print, though.....but if it helps with disability it will be worth it
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    I agree it is upsetting, but for the most part it is stuff that we already knew - the reason that this article is so good, though, is that it puts a lot of info all together in an informative manner and is intended to try to change things.....and it could be good for misguided Drs, etc to read.....like I said, even the table of contents is informative in a way and that part alone could also help educate members of the general public who don't realize how many physical issues are associated with CFS (and who would not be interested in reading the entire thing)

    I have not yet seen such a complete list of the physical issues we face anywhere else....except perhaps in the Canadian definition

    just to clarify, though, in case someone else reading this thread might misunderstand - the person that you were referring to as a prick is not the person who wrote the article, but rather the one whom the article is meant to expose (among other things), rt?
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    he is scary (to say the least)

    .....I just clarified that he is who you meant, bc I didn't want someone to see the comment about him being a prick and mistakenly think that you were talking about the author of the article & as a result then fail to actually read it at all (I know there are quite a few people who avoid reading articles written by Wessely-type people so that they don't get stressed and upset, and I don't blame them at all, but I just wanted to make sure that they knew that the author of this is on our side)

    The proposed changes to the dsm will likely lead to more of the Wessely school in the US, if people don't realize what is happening and try to stop it....and that could lead us rt back into Reeve's domain, too....we are seriously in danger of having the UK mindset take over the US if we are not able to stop this.....I am not sure how much that will affect Canada and other countries, but it certainly can't help

    anyway, that's part of why I posted this article (the other part is just to inform and help in general....and if it helps with disability, that is really great, too).....even though it is directed towards the UK, the info in it really should be read by those working on the new dsm as well as by those trying to convince them of the real physical issues in CFS

    sorry if I seem to be obsessing about the dsm thing, but it is really important that people learn about it and make comments before April (the site is dsm5.org)
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    four years ago i received my ssd. they requested a phyc exam - diagnosis type 2 bipolar. fortunately the judge saw thru his report and threw his report out. She also threw out the doctors report from fibro/cfs clinic. They charged us around $1,000. to write the letter and then even the medical examiner was laughing at their letter.