Excellent results on arthritis from Curcumin / Turmic extract

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    Mom-in-law has arthritis that was becoming debilitating especially in her back. Steroid shots, considered getting surgery. Been using non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NAISDs / Naproxen) continuously for a couple of years. "She only took them when she needed them," which was just about always.

    Started taking ProHealth Curcumin two months ago. A learning experience: She took some on an empty stomach, and got a stomach ache. Increased up to 5 per day, 2 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, and 2 with dinner, no problem.

    Within 2 weeks, she cut her NAISD intake by 1/2. Within a month, she stopped using NAISD entirely. Last I heard, she still has some aches, but not enough to pop any drugs. She says the pains improving so quickly, she recognizes further improvement daily.

    I'm writing because I don't see a timetable for improvement elsewhere on the web, so I'm submitting this case.

    Hoping her pains can be entirely eliminated, then to reduce the curcumin very slowly to determine a maintenance level.

    Searched the web, unable to find any side effects. Curcumin reduces an assortment of inflammations, and since stomach problems are inflammations, it seems likely it would improve these problems rather than aggravate them, if you don't take it on an empty stomach. Otherwise, turmeric [which contains cumin which contains curcumin] is ingested in great quantities in parts of India and New Jersey. That indicates that curcumin is more of a food item rather than a hazardous chemical or drug.

    Prohealth sells 500 mg capsules, includes Curcumin 380 mg. Other capsules in stores are about 300 mg and more expensive. See:

    Curcumin 380 mg

    Best luck,
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    Glad your Mom in law is doing so well I hope she keeps on improving. I'm going to check this out. Thanks again Danisue
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    Benefits of Turmeric

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    Thanks so much for this personal testament. I always suggest people look here in the store to see what PH offers. The products here have been a big help to me and I find them reasonably priced and of the highest quality. I'm not a spokesperson for PH; I was using their products long before becoming a moderator. I became a moderator to try to give back what I could to our little community here for all the support and help our loving and generous members have shown to me.

    Love, Mikie