excessive dreaming,any clues why?

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  1. atiledsner

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    I have been going through a lot of changes in my life lately.Everytime I go to sleep I have dreams,not about anything in peticular.My dreams are very detailed in color.Any insight here?
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    Are you taking melatonin because that will cause you to dream more. Also amitryptiline makes some people dream more.
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    that vivid dreams were common in Fibro patients.
    I went for the sleep study and don't get to the restive levels of deep sleep. (Which is where I thought dreams occured) Also, certain foods will make me have crazy dreams.
    one more crazy symptom of this crazy illness.
  6. Rosiebud

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    too and occassionally hallucinate.

    Mostly I enjoy my dreams.

    I believe it's to do with our illnes not with meds because I dont take sleep meds and I've gone for months and months not taking anything at all at night ... and still I dream and dream and dream.

  7. FMhurts

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    I have such vivid dreams I could write a book or a movie if I could write them down,,,
    makes you kinda feel like your still in the dreams long after you wake up.
    Sometimes its hard to diferenciate between the dreams and reality.
    My poor husband I wake up in the mornings going on about what I dream ,.
    he never dreams or doesn't remember his,so he doesn't understand how I can.
    kinda drives you nuts after while
    I take tramadol I don;t know if this is why or not, because I seem to remember always being a dreamer
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  8. Shannonsparkles

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    This has always been a symptom of mine. My illness began early in childhood. My memories of my dreams during that time are as sharp or sharper than my memories of waking events.

    My dreams have always been extreemly realistic. I could feel pain during dreams, or taste food - I can still remember a few particularly scrumptious pizza-eating dreams, mmmmm, all that oozy sauce and cheese, better than most waking-world pizzas I had eaten. The nightmares were unbearable, especially when I was a child.

    I don't know why we get these vivid dreams. I try to cherish mine, because in my dreams, I am not disabled.

  9. lease79

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    I used to journal my dreams & then look up the 'symbols' that were coming out in the dreams ie: water, stairs, evevators, hospitals, houses. Although the dreams were different, the symbols were often very similar, & when reading in my dream dictionaries, I was amazed at what each 'symbol' represented & how much the were 'right' with what was going on in my everyday life, or what I needed to do at that time.
    When I am ill, or scared my dreams become more graphic, more intense. I feel that my body, on it's innermost level is trying to get a message that I already know from my deepest subconscious mind to my conscious mind ;)
    Just my opinion ;)

  10. Meghanne

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    ...and I've asked docs, but I sure had a great one last night. One of those romantic ones, where I was with a great guy, and when my bladder woke me up I was VERY disappointed. I'm engaged, and it wasn't my fiance'. It was just this sweet comforting dream. Fiance' is out of town this week, so at least I had some cute company for a little while. Sometimes I can go back into a really good dream if I can get right back to sleep, and I tried last night, but alas, the bladder one and I had to get out of bed. Bummer.

    I've always had very vivid dreams, some disturbing, some disjointed, some relatively nice. This is despite a WIDE variety of medicine changes. So I can't really attribute it to that.

    They have been very useful in my psychotherapy though, as I worked with a Jungian Analyst, and dream work is quite enlightening when done correctly.

  11. i have this too,like i wake up having had a nightmare.i dont remember what it was about,but only remember that its was extremely upsetting for me.
    i do think that our body gets over heated with this illness,and also maybe we have memories deep inside our brain that surface when we are sleeping,and so trigger off this nightmare thingy.

    kind regards
  12. FMhurts

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    My family has said its an indian thing .My family has cherokee blood and they all dream allot . I'm sure the meds have something to do with the type of dreams we have tho.
    The pizza thing was funny, I would have woke up running in and cleaning up after all of that cheese..hehehe

    I have allot of dreams that have come true as well,I dreamed one night a man came to my door handing me an ink pen, and the very next day a man came to my door nad handed me an ink pen, some kind of sales man.

    I've dreamed all kinds of numbers like boats floating across a lake and have numbers coming up out of the water on the fronts of them, My husband says that could be the lottery numbers, he says remember real hard what they were so we can play them .No luck there, can't remember them all .If I could I think I would play them..hehehe

    Most of my dreams involve me running from something.
    Probably the FM monster..

  13. suz9601

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    By day I am disabled and glued to the couch, by night I am a rock climber, waterskiing, dragon slayer, at concerts, etc. My night life is something else. I guess at least I have a life in my dreams. Every night I am in for something new. I think it is from some of the meds I am on. I dream like this all night long. So tired from it though.
  14. LittleBluestem

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    Do you feel more rested when you wake up in the morning since taking the Inderal?
  15. LittleBluestem

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    I have always had vivid, detailed, color dreams (does anyone really dream in black & white?). While there were some nightmares as a child, most of my dreams where pretty mundane then. The shear number of dreams interfered with my sleep.

    I grew up on a farm and rode horses. As you young adult, I had jobs that were fairly active and partly to mostly outside. I was getting plenty of sunlight and exercise, but still slept poorly.

    Since developing CFS, my dreams have become much more unpleasant. I blame the up-regulated autonomic nervous system. Xanax seems to be reducing the number of unpleasant dreams, so I am back to my ‘normal’ bad sleep. I have read that Xanax interferes with stage 4 sleep. Since the Xanax does not seem to bother my sleep, this makes me suspect that I am not, and never have been, getting much stage 4 sleep. Once I get the CFS cleared up, and have a job and insurance, I would like to do a sleep cycle study.