Excessive Eating due to Meds, Pain and Mood Issues

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. msSusan

    msSusan Member

    I have an issue with Quantity (not quality) of foods I'm eating due to meds, 24/7 headaches and FM pain. I don't have a weight issue but have many food intolerences which make eating properly hard for me.

    Too much food could be adding to my pain issues I believe.

    Too many carbs like rice cakes, crackers and bread. I can only eat small amounts of fruit and don't crave veggies. I usually crave sweets, salty, crunchy. I get extreme pain from almost any type of sugar.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for "natural" appetite suppresants?
  2. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    Had a period in my life where I had hives all over my body and didn't know why.

    I started on an elimination diet, water for three days, one item foods for three days at a time until I discovered what was bothering me. (Example, hard boiled eggs three days, then added baked potatoe for three days, then added oatmeal for three days).

    This might help you discover what really bothers you.

    Good luck, Lillie
  3. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    I am at wits end right now myself with diet. I am supposed to be doing this alcat rotation allergy diet and in alot of ways have been doing pretty well on it, rarely eat forbidden foods, but I am not supposed to eat the same food 2 days in a row and ideally just once every 4 days, they gave me a list of foods i can have and sugar and cocoa even are on there but not dairy and wheat. Well already gave up wheat long ago so no problem and i gave up dairy the last couple months but I never noticed it bothered me (although as a kid I had colic which I guess could have been the cows milk?) but my stomach never hurt after dairy I ate yogurt every day for years and now i miss it. But i havent been rotating the cocoa and sugar nearly enough but I dont know what to do....I work part time and feel this pressure with work and community to obviously put out some energy and using certain foods is one way I try to get self energized. I almost feel like going back to how I used to eat because it didnt really bug me tht I could tell but now I am always stressing about what i can eat etc i am all confused on whether to try to do this completely correctly or partially or scrap it. HOnestly , short of going to a spa for 6 months with a personal chef and someone to hold my hand I really don't think i can perfectly do it, and that i do not have the funds for. It would almost have been better if I wasnt allowed the sugar and cocoa and caffeinatd tea cus doing them in rotation is maybe harder but then again i dont know how long could completely give them up. Seems like sugar and caffeine have always been my nemesis and savior, can't figure out what to do about it.

    anyway, sorry if hijacked, I was just thinking about this same issue and wondering what the heck to do.
  4. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    Just a suggestion of what I have to do with a diet or anything where I have to follow a plan. Write it down for the week or whatever the time span is on a calendar, that way you can tell how much food you need to buy of each item for the week.

    Are you allowed to eliminate food that is on the plan that you don't want? That would make the diet less expensive.

    Are your doctor's thinking the allergy is a source of fibromyalgia and the diet will help or is this something entirely separate from fibromyalgia?

    Good Luck - Lillie
  5. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    One thing we are trying at my house is to buy more healthy snacks but being that sometimes I crave chocolate so I've not gone the totally healthy route.

    But the other problem with food I have is cooking the dinner meal......I usually don't have a lot of energy so there are many times when we don't eat as healthy as we would like but I only have so much energy .

    I do try to plan ahead with meals and the grocery store so I don't have to go there as much. But with my kids home this summer they tend to eat more. :)
  6. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    to eat more fruits and
    i so far have been able to stop the little fake sweetners packets.
    so that was great-
    but actually i havent felt any difference.
    id like to give up sweets now or
    atleast cut way back.
    i know i eat too much at night
    and when im agrivated.
  7. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey lillie thanks and to all of you for this thread

    I am trying to do a rotation diet per a doc based on my blood test of sentitivity to foods

    I like the foods on my list of safe foods i just found it hard not to eat them more often than the diet recs
    u are sposed to rotate foods every 4 days so u dont eat same one 2 days in a row, if thats too hard u should do at least every other day
    i have been eating chocoloate and sugar too often per diet, they are my quick fix
    but i also eat a lot of fish and vegies and fruit per the diet
    (one thing about the LDN that i am also trying is it does help cut down on choc cravings but in general i think i am hungrier lately--i think its hard to start a new med and do special diet at same time)

    i also have tested positive in past for reactive hypogylcemia so i should be watching it with the sugars and potatoes too thats hard as well
    sometimes it feels like too narrow of a parameter if you listen to every researcher and test, like soon i will only be eating fish and cabbage or something and ugh that would get old!

    anyway just venting going to hang in there

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