excessive nocturnal urination

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  1. maaji

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    any views on having to get up maybe 6-8 times in the night to pee and find oneself totally dehydrated in the morning? I looked it up on the internet and find the medics call it nocturnal polyuria which means - guess what? Just what I described. They seem to have no idea about it, except to suggest some drug called vasopressin. I think. Not interested in any more drugs. Has anyone found and homeopathic/natural remedy for this?
  2. rockgor

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    We old men often develop prostate problems.

    Any changes in your health, medications, environment, etc.?
  3. tamsyn

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    Yes, I have this problem when I'm in flare state...and no matter how much I drink by day, i feel dehydrated. I've read it's due to either the nerves arund the bladder being over-reactive when the CNS is all in flare, or the effect of one's hormones all being slightly off-balance again due to the DD. I haven't found any cure; I just ednure it until the flare subsides. Although since I went on sleeping pills it happens a lot less.
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    Doctors can't find anything wrong -- no Interstitial Cystitis. Have had recurring bladder infections in the past, but this can happen with no obvious infection present too. An over-the-counter pill, Cystex, helps a lot. It is a mild antibiotic, as well as controlling the feeling you have to go all the time. I use this short term as recommended. Cystex works much better for me than Uristat, another otc.

    I also take cranberry capsules, longer term, to help keep this from recurring. They have something in them which keeps bacteria from being able to stick to the bladder wall. Cranberry juice is not recommended if you have IC, not sure if the capsules would be OK in that case or not.

  5. LittleBluestem

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    If you are one of the CFSers with low blood volume, take you salt at bedtime. This will help you retain fluids during the night.
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    and didn't get any relief until I reached my early 50's.

    I remember crying on the potty as a kid (and waking up the house!) because I was so exhausted and could not stop having to get up and pee.

    By adulthood it got worse. It got so bad that I...well, I got a little kid pee-potty and put it under my bed! At least then, the 10 or so trips to the lou per night were a little less disruptive. Of course, that was in my single years (which were many).

    I don't know why it was so bad at night. I really tried to limit night-time liquids, but still was driven batty. Of course the worst triggers would be tea (worse than coffee), and for some reason, ice-cream. Might as well have used a catheter during those nights!

    I don't know why it subsided around menopause, just grateful it did. Now, I only have to get up and pee 2 or 3 times per night.
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    I trained myself to sleep through unless it was an absolute wet myself situation. That made it where i only got up once a night about midway thru the night. I just told myself that I was NOT getting up and that I COULD wait till the morning. It did help a lot but the \urges were still there.

    Now I'm taking a product called deep sleep to help me sleep and it gets me into a much better sleep(not perfect) so that I may go to the bathroom once a night but the other times when I might have the urge it's barely noticable, I seem to sleep through those better now. I highly recommend the deep sleep.

    i have to take 3 of them a night though, not just the 2 dosage.

  8. janieb

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    I did have the problem for several years. When I stopped taking one of my medications, the problem went away.

    I'm trying to remember what it was. It was noratriptaline or amatriptaline(?) Something that ended in that description.

    HOpe you get some help.

  9. maaji

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    thanks to all of you. Internet research shows me that it is one of those very common problems about which medical science has no idea. [I have another one of those, chronic atypical facial pain for 15 years, absolutely no medical help at all and am not sure it didn't have something to do with the start of the Fibromyalgia/CFS]

    I would like to know something more about the Deep Sleep product. I am inIndia where it will probably have another name if available at all.

    Amyltriptyline I tried last year. I will try the salt idea as I find I crave salt when I get up. I use the Himalaya crystal salt only. How much do you suggest?

    For no reason at all last night I had a wonderful sleep waking only once, and feel the benefit all over the body this morning!

    Sleep well!