EXCITED ! FFC appt. next week.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, Oct 26, 2005.

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    I feel like the POINTER SISTERS. (Sing it)I'm SO EXCITED, And I Just Can't Hide It, I'm About To Lose Control and I Think I Like It ! Just made me an appt with FFC Philadelphia for (Wed. or Thurs - just forgot already)damn, am so excited. Had appt. with Norwalk,CT later in month but decided to jump ship and do PHILY as is closer to daughter in Annapolis. I pray this will actually help. YIPPEE. All the positive posts about FFCs have been drawing my attention. Damn, I'm excited.
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    I'm thrilled for you! Hearing the excitment and hope in you is absolutely positive medicine for all of us!

    I'm not an FFC patient, but my treatment plan mirrors many who have posted about their FFC treatments.

    I started two years ago on my trek, I don't recall hearing info about them then.

    I am one of the extremely lucky ones though, in that my PCP believes in CFS/FM and had taken the time to learn about the latest treatments prior to my showing up with it. I never went through the pain and humiliation of not be believed/taken care of.

    He is also one of the few doctors who will tell you if he doesn't know about certain treatment areas, ie balancing the CFS/FM hormones.

    I have an integrated MD for that. He might as well be FFC connected as he uses the same lab for testing and believes in bio-identical hormone treatment.

    I even opted for the same compounding pharmacy as their customer service is outstanding.

    Sooo, I am a non-FFC patient patient!! Let us know how it all goes. T minus days and counting!

    I love your happiness over this! Good luck

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    Loved the Pointer Sisters saw them in Vegas years ago.

    Isn't it a great feeling! I've been crawling around in the dark for the past 3 years and yes made the decision to go to the FFC and flew to Denver in June!

    It's amazing what they find through the blood testing and it's nice to know you'll be working on a plan to better health.

    You go girl!!

    Your fellow FFC Member
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    Congratulations about your appointment next week! I leave for mine in 15 minutes--I'm excited, and a little bit scared.