EXCITING RESEARCH NEWS - by paul from england

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by osullivan1969, Oct 18, 2005.

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    hi, this goes out to everyone with fibromyalgia, i have been suffering from fibro for 11 years and i am currently taking part in fibromyalgia research with a group of rheumatologists, to keep it basic they put you on an EEG machine and give you some small lazer zaps on the arm with a pulsed light lazer{ not too painfull} the pain signal to the brain is then traced too see which part of the brain it affects, the study was done on normal healthy people too and was noticed that the pain signal goes to a different part of the brain which handles emotions in a fibro sufferer,they are also working on a new painkilling drug which raises endorphins at a university in france, of all my 11 years suffering this is the greatest piece of research news i have came accross, they are looking at developing this drug within the next 5 years - fingers crossed, feel free to contact me for more information
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    Hi paul
    I run a support group on the Isle of Wight and we would be most interested if you have any more info on this drug. Also how on earth does one get on to a trial for fibro when so many people dont even know about it
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    new painkilling drug which raises endorphins

    low dose naltrexone does this
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    the drug they are working on is 'new', people with fibro are on all sorts of drugs, anti- depressants/ pain killers/ muscle relaxants, drugs which boost chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins like you mentioned, but they don't do anything if they did we would not be ill - there is no cure, i have been drug free for about 6 years , i am just the same off them as i am on them, we need something new!
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    hi, i got onto the research after seeing an advert about pain research in a local paper, i contacted the consultant in charge and was invited to take part in the research, the trials are still in very early stages and they dont really give anything away about updates on what they have found yet,at least some one is looking and has found something even though it could take years, i have suffered 11 years and dont bother with anti-depressants or painkillers, herbs or alternative remedies, they are superficial, not designed for our illness, these guys are looking at the root cause and what can be done about it, have hope , keep on going, keep in touch,

    thought for today
    'depression has not caused our illness'
    'the symptoms of our illness is depressing us'
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    I sure hope they figure something out before too very long.
    Sounds promising...please keep us posted about how this research goes.....Thanks -Laura