exercise and numb arms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dpstar, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. dpstar

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    Does exercise seem to help or hurt any of you when your arms feel like dead weight and are tingly?

    Thx in advance for sharing your stories.
    I am so, so , so , so tired of feeling badly.
  2. berrytired

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    Good topic...cause I just had this experience and didn't know if it was related to the CFS or not...but the other morning I woke up and my hand from my wrist down was numb and i thought it was strange because I wasn't sleeping on it...so that is one of the symptoms? I've had a little bit of it in my feel when I get off the crosstrainer. I also get feet/leg cramps alot...
  3. Hope4Sofia

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    Last night I did about 10 min of mild stretching exercises given to me by my doc. The result was intense restless legs which prevented sleep despite my trazadon (sleep aid).

    I'm so frustrated that such a small amount of exercise would have such a bad result.

    I know it's different than what you described but I can empathize.

    I too am sooooo weary of this. Feeling very down today - that hopeless feeling.

    I hope you find some answers.

  4. pemaw54

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    Never know when it is going to happen. I cant talk long on the phone. Just sitting here typing, I feel like Ive been lifting weights too long. The water excersizing helps sooo much but if I overdue it, Im in bed all of the next day. Also sitting in a whirlpool helps. We have a huge one at my YMCA. I use it before class and again after class. We all are so tired of feeling bad. Some days, Im not sure I have a purpose any more. Take care

  5. spiritsky

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    When I get numbness (for me it's in my left leg) I give myself an injection of b12 and that takes care of it. My wife also has the same problem occassionaly and I give her a shot and then it's gone, sometimes for several weeks. I'm sure everybodies a bit different but if you look up b12 on the net you'll find that one of the symptoms of deficiency can be numbness and tingling in the extremities...