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    i googled athletes with fibromyalgia and it brought me to this site with comments from fibromyalgia sufferers who have managed to keep up with their athletic lifestyles.

    I'd be interested to know how they have managed to do this. Although since being told i had pre-existing symptoms before i was 30, i never gained a diagnosis until this age and was athletic, i ran 4 miles every other day, i worked as a massage therapist, worked out on my eplictical trainer, played badminton, i was a horse rider in my teenage years and all round sports woman, then i had a car accident at 30 and full blown fibro hit me, up until then i had suffered migraines occasionally, pain and numbness in lower half of body, jaw spasms, digestive problems since 15, pelvic pain, but it was never diagnosed as fibro because it was nothing like the widespread pain i suffer today, making me unable to participate in any of them activities due to pain muscle spasms fatigue, and insominia. even swimming with it repetative movement has left me treading water in the deep end with chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders.

    But from looking up fibromyalgia athletes it appears there are people out their who continue with sport, which i DEARLY miss. So would love to hear from those people. this year (my 7th since diagnosis) has been one of my worst, my third year was one of my best, and i did exercise not accessively but i enjoyed it even though i was still in pain, is this just luck of the draw, is fibro less painful at year three and maybe why researchers say fibro gets better at 3rd year because they have only ever studied fibro sufferers beyond this time, (ive yet to find a research study paper that recommends exercise and has a good outcome after this time).
    Hope im making sense, my spelling is awful, bare with me its 1.35am as i'm writing this! would like some tips on inspirational books, michael j foxes lucky is a good one, i need to know that people can be motivated by life and get going again despite these bloody awful symptoms, its certainly a roller coaster, but i'd prefer it to be one i enjoy despite the pain. cheers people x
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