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  1. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I came out of the worst CFIDS/FMS flare ever (9-10 months) about a month ago. I had been housebound and unable to do much at all. About a month ago I started feeling better. I had more energy, less pain and was sleeping better.

    I started to walk in the morning. I just jumped into it...walking for almost an hour at a good pace..every morning. When I would get home I would work in my garden for a couple of hours.

    A few days ago I felt my symptoms getting worse again. The sore throat is back, as well as the awful fatigue and pain.

    The only thing I can think of to cause it has been the excess exercise. It really is upsetting to have lost that feeling of well-being.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. jenn5

    jenn5 New Member

    I had a HUGE crash after excercising regularly for several weeks 2 years ago. I haven't been the same since. I think especially jogging- I only did it 3 or 4 times- did it.

    I was going downhill, but this greatly excelerated it. I am scared of excercise since, and I will do it again only when I feel stable. That sucks cause being active was my greatest joy pre-illness. Now I will forever have strict limits, I can't go all out like I want and need to.

    Excercise is poison for a certain stage of cfs. No one who is there should do it if it does damage. And cfs is the only illness where this happens as far as I know.


  3. julieisfree05

    julieisfree05 New Member

    Hi Lolalee,

    Aside from knowing that "overdoing" can cause a flare of symptoms, there is some interesting data on blood flow to the brain following exercise in CFS patients.

    "Normal" people experience an increase in blood flow to the brain with exercise. Studies have shown that while there may be an initial increase in PWCFS, there is a "rebound" effect where blood flow is actually reduced after exercise! (Dr. Ismael Mena)

    I used to have this problem. I would feel good for about twenty minutes after exercising and then start yawning and get so sleepy I couldn't stay awake. Those are symptoms of hypo-perfusion (low blood flow) to the brain.

    Something to think about..

    julie (is free!)

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  4. Strawberry94

    Strawberry94 New Member

    The only thing so far to have a real positive impact on my symptoms has been to purposefully limit my activity on my good days, to resist the temptation to overdo.

    I had always been told to get rid of the vertigo that I needed to be as active as I could and push as much as possible to recalibrate my brain.

    So I did as much as possible. The vertigo continued to get worse and became accompanied by nausea. I had all the other CFS symptoms as well.

    Now that I have stopped pushing, I have less nausea and vertigo. The more active I am, the more vertigo and all other symptoms.

    I had just recently decided that I would work a set amount of time a day on my writing which was something I had previously put aside. After a couple of weeks of this I went into a two month flare.

    So I mean it seems to be both physical and mental exertion are not so good for me.

  5. insanelady

    insanelady New Member

    I attended a Fibromyalgia day care program for a month. While there they introduced us to mild stretching exercises and strengthening exercises. that was in Feb. of this year. We were told to do them 7 days a week unless we were flaring even mildly. I did find this helps me when I get up and I am stiff and makes the rest of my day go more smoothly.

    they told us no weights cause they only tear our muscles since we are so fragile in that area. One day I tested out their theory and guess what? They were right.

  6. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I appreciate all of your input. It helps to know what works and what doesn't work.

    Julie, I did not know about the blood flow to the brain impact on CFS. That is very interesting. I, too, felt good initially and within an hour or so started feeling extremely exhausted.

    While I was in the long flare, it really helped me to rest a lot. I started walking because I want to lose some weight. I should have known better. I have read about the difference between exercise and FMS vs. exercise and CFIDS. It is good for FMS and can be very bad for CFIDS.

    Again, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. Strawberry94

    Strawberry94 New Member

    I was not an athelete but I was not a couch potato either. I was size 6 and I tried to eat healthy.

    I was low energy and prone to sinus infections with IC pain as long as I can remember, but at age 26, in 1994 I started getting mild vertigo and the low energy changed to a profound faituge that sleep did little for. I started having cognitive problems. Lots of upper respiratory infections, low grade fevers, I felt feverish each afternoon. I stopped being able to swallow pills and had to be careful to eat slowly as well.

    I was active then, lots of walking (we would walk for at least an hour at time, a few times a week) and also dancing to radio in my living room a lot when I was alone, usually 30 mintues at least three times a week. (LOL, I took dancing school as a child. I liked this dancing and disco was popular on the radio.)

    I was working and as active as I ever was doing what I needed to do, just started having to go to bed earlier and getting more sick days at work. I started having trouble conversing with my husband at night because my mind just would not put what I wanted to say to my lips.

    Often I was so exhausted when I drove home from work I did not remember the drive when I got home. I had started taking classes and had to drop because I could not concentrate in the evenings after work, couldn't retain what I was learning. I had been up for promotion but was dropped from it because I had trouble learning the new job, I was just so tired all the time my mind would not work.

    By 1997 I was working part time, cutting out a lot of my social activities but still keeping a very clean house all by myself. I still ran all my errands and run errands for my elderly father. The vertigo began to get worse and I began to onlybe able to drive short distances on slow streets. I was constanly getting sick with sinus/sore throat/ night sweats fevers swollen glands, painful muscles.

    By winter 1999 I was only working, sleeping, eating and cleaning house. I knew I had problems the day I was dancing to music in the living room and had to sit down shaking and very sick to my stomach with the room spinning violently.

    By Fall 1999 I could no longer work and I was letting most housework go. My husband had to drive me everywhere and to help me with my father. I was so tired I could not think most of the time, just do and pray for bed. I started getting more and more muscle pain, tingling in hands and feet, heat and humidity intolerant, livedo in legs, feet and hands. Headaches, earaches.

    I have never been "bedbound" more than a few days at a time, but it was constant cycles of trying to be active a day or so and crashing then for several days or even a week.

    I am now 37. I am housebound since 1999.

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