Exercise. CFS vs FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monicaz49, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    So, I have a CFS diagnosis with overlapping FM (but no tender points). I think basically that means i have CFS with pain as one of my symptoms. Anyways, my cousin has FM.
    She is able to do water therapy, walk every day to and from her part time job and is now taking this crazy intense aerobics class called Zumba!
    Not only is she able to do them but she feels a benefit from doing them. It is WONDERFUL that she can do all this.
    Meanwhile my jaw is to the floor in awe as I hear about the things she can do. On one of my "better" days a few months ago I decided to test myself & enroll in a low-key hula class. I had to quit. It was too too much for me.

    Anyways, I read in a new CFS book I ordered that one difference between those with CFS vs FM is that folks with FM BENEFIT from exercise, whereas those with CFS can feel worse. This put me at ease a bit. Now i'm just curious if this really applies to us and differentiates us a bit.

    A)Do you have CFS or FM
    B)Can you tolerate exercise

    Thanks in advance to those that reply. :)

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  2. hoov

    hoov New Member

    I just know I feel crappy most of the time. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and engage in mild weights and I walk or use the bike. I try to stay for an hour each time but it really depends on my body. I feel better emotionally but my body takes a beating.

    I am on Cymbalta now which helps alot, when I first joined the gym it was like my symptoms exploded. I told the Dr I had at the time and all she said is "that doesnt sound right".

    I have a new Dr and a Rhematologist but neither one has ever tested me for the fibro tender points which I find strange. How can they know I have something if they do not perform the only test available?

    If I had to diagnose myself, from the research I have done, I would say I have both illnesses only because I get a tearing sensation in my muscles and I really do not have to do anything strenuous. I opened a file cabinet last week and felt tissue tear in my shoulder. I get it most often in my thighs and hands.

    As for the fibro, such as today, I feel like I have a low grade fever, earache, sores in my mouth, jaw hurts, knot on my knee that is painful, trouble walking, hips sore, headache, neck ache, and exhaustion. It will get worse before it gets better. This flare will be bad. I dont know if that is fibro but they tell me it is.

    I hope this helps.

  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I have FM with an overlapping dx of CFS. Exercise does not help me or make me feel any better. I tried doing a water aerobics class and had to stop.
  4. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Same as you, I have CFS/FM . Have tried exercise, starting with 5 minutes of walking and tried to increase it to 20 minutes. Then I would end up in bed with what felt like the flu.

    The exercise did help so much mentally but physically I haven't been able to keep it up.

    Now, I have my 2 greatgrand daughters I am keeping during the day, plus take my 16 yr old granddaughter to school etc. by the end of the day I am so exhausted and sick I am in bed by 7. Then drag the next day just to make it.

    I would love to exercise because it does help me mentally and my weight is a big issue. But keeping up with the little ones, what grocery shopping I can manage and the transporting back and forth from school etc. is all I can manage and can't do that half the time without being in tears.

    We are each different what works for one doesn't the other.
    Just my input.

    God Bless,
  5. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I have both but developed them separately.

    I got classic CFIDS in '99. Bedridden. Did leglifts (3 at a time) for weeks until I could do 10 on each side. This would set me back. Did so many other things but I felt the small bits (incredibly small) of movement was helpful to my body. No exercise just movement.

    I developed FM in '03. I was under a lot of stress and walking a mile a day. This was exercise. I relapsed as my body was on the edge of collapse each day.

    I have read that people with CFIDS have an issue with cortisol DECREASING during exercise. An increase in cortisol is protective to the body. That is why we feel worse (it is actually worse for us).

    I have not seen the same info regarding FMS so perhaps that is why it is beneficial to most.

    I strongly believe they are two separate but closely related symptoms.

    Hope you are well.

  6. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    Pain is pool therapy. I felt so good after being in there. Unfortunately Ihasto stop because it was too expensive.Good luck to you.
  7. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    I have cfs, Fm and a host of other crap too...
    Exercise is good for you at a slow pace.

    I have to get back into exercising again.

    MY problem is my brain tells me.." oh heck, you can work out like you USED Too for an hour every day"...My body says.." WHAT???? are you NUTS???"... you will be in bed for a week or more....

    I find pacing myself is difficult and I am MY own worst enemy.

    I am starting out again at only 5 mins of walking and build from there.

    best of luck to you.
  8. celeste1226

    celeste1226 New Member

    Hello all,
    Yesterday was a good day for me. I had so much energy. I have FM and degenerative disc disease, OA etc... Anyway I got up full of energy probably because I slept all day saturday. So I decided to clean house. I vaccumed base boards and furniture had my girls took down curtains and we washd and dried them. I actually watched them do most everything I would start something and then my daughters would finish it up for me. I still felt good. So I decided to take a walk to my parents house they live about 2/10ths of a mile behind me. We live on 24 acres. anyway the walk felt great I even walked home. Well last night I couldnt sleep I was so tired. I finally fell asleep at 430 this morning I woke up at 10a with the worst headache and body pain. I was so stiff and sore. I was miserable all day. Took a pain pill and slept most of the day. And here I am at 1220am awake and in pain still. but cant sleep. Anyway as for exercising I am not sure that I want to do much.
  9. labrat

    labrat New Member

    I have CFS and cannot tolerate exercise. If all I had to do was walk 15 mins every other day, I probably could do that. But I work part time and would rather be able to do some work and get groceries myself than exercise. Everyone is different of course depending on the severity of illness, symptoms, etc.


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