Exercise does it really help? or is it crap??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wen, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. wen

    wen New Member

    Article in recent e-mail says up to 40 min when tolerated??
    At first start out slow 2-3 mins. Who does this??
    has it really helped you, or is it a bunch of crap?
    my husband thinks im lazy and i should be on tread mill every day for some time. ive never been lazy.

  2. wen

    wen New Member

    Article in recent e-mail says up to 40 min when tolerated??
    At first start out slow 2-3 mins. Who does this??
    has it really helped you, or is it a bunch of crap?
    my husband thinks im lazy and i should be on tread mill every day for some time. ive never been lazy.

  3. TiredbutWired

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    We have had a pool forever and never used it but I was to weak to do anything so doctor suggested pool.I started a couple months ago with a intertube my husband got at walmart,at first I just hung there like a ragdoll for 6 minutes worked up to 15 minutes and now I can do a hour sometimes.I also have pots so it felt so good to just be vertical but I am stronger now more toned and my pain is so much better that I do not even take pain pills anymore.I think we are all different and we have to just experiment intil we find the right thing for us.Good Luck,tracey
  4. garyandkim

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    where I am suspended in the 94 degree water and I start at 30 mins going up to 1 hour. It has helped me. Waloking is good. But, start slow don't get tired. Don't push. tredmill on slow and not too much of an incline. I go 2 days a week use to go 3.

    Good luck, Kim
  5. herblady

    herblady New Member

    normally some light exercise helps me a lot. i just started them again and i believe it sent me into one of my mini flares. i've had to stop for now. cindi
  6. dlizard

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    yeah my rheumie told me the same thing and I said... what the heck its free and I'll literally do anything to feel better. SO about April I started walking. At first I could barely make it to the end of the driveway. Now I can walk about 20 minutes on a graded treadmill, along with swimming and lifting a few weights... I'da never believed it!!!!!! It took me two months to get up to walking 10 minutes a day but I do think I feel some better since I have started exercising. I however sleep poorly and exercise hasn't improved that. One of the premises behind exercise is that we don't get enough oxygen and exercise perfuses your tissues with high levels of oxygen, thereby it should help us... It's extremely hard to start though. I know ! I'm feeling a bit better these days since I do exercise but I've lost 35 pounds so that alone could be what makes life easier for me. I still don't feel good and tire easily compared to what I used to do but I can definitely say that yeah.... I feel some better... my advice..... GO SLOW! and Good luck!
  7. Fairyeyes

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    I aim for at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Some days I can do up to an hour if I am feeling decent once I get into it. If I sit still, I feel like I am just one giant cramp. Believe it or not, getting the ol' blood pumping really helps me out.
  8. princesadulce

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    For me, it depends on the type of exercise. I am able to walk, I can do water exercises as well as yoga. However sometimes my body says NO, so I don't. I've tried running, crunches, aerobics and I am always so sore afterwards and for days following. YMCA offered yoga classes which were about an hour each and were mostly stretching. I don't take the classes anymore but I still do the exercises at home. I live so close to the ocean so I try to get out there at least as much as I can and it helps me all over; the ocean gives me better resistance than a pool. In the first 2 years after I was diagnosed, I gained 70 lbs, but after I started getting into the yoga, I lost 40 of that within 3 months. When I go into stages where I am in massive pain for large amounts of time and am unable to exercise, I go to the chiropractor and have a physical therapist work with me so my muscles can still stay loosened.

    I understand being called lazy; my dad calls me lazy (even though he's talked with my docs and seen my records), as do other family members. Teachers call me lazy and unmotivated, when often I am just in too much pain to do what they want. I even went to a doctor who said I was making the fibromyalgia up and there was no reason a girl my age should be in pain- that only older people can get it. I was told to get up and stop being so lazy, then come back to see him. My suggestion is that you take your husband with you to your dr. appts. and have him listen in and have the doctor explain everything to him. Maybe that will help him be a little more supportive. Good luck finding an exercise plan that works for you, if there is one. :)
  9. GoDaleJr

    GoDaleJr New Member

    I changed my diet and was exercising every day and felt so much better. It also helped my sleep!
    Now after being in a flare for over a month and not wanting to exercise, I am slowly trying to get back into it. I KNOW it will help, not hinder, my condition.
    It just takes willpower. I hurt so much if I sit around all day. ANd once I sit, I don't feel like getting up again, so it is best for me to stay up as much as possible.
    Start with simples stretches, I know, boring. And walking. Not just walking around the house, I mean walking without stopping. So walking somewhere. I used to walk around my backyard continuously for 10 minutes. how boring is that? but at least i did it.
    the more you do, the better it will be.
    I also do the exercises with that show "sit and be fit" for 25 minutes daily. it is geared for people with arthritis so it is good, but you do most of it sitting in a chair. you should hear my bones creaking and cracking! it takes about a week for the creaks to go away.
    Don't take it too personally when your husband calls you Lazy. You're not lazy. But try something.
  10. wen

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    im in sac call me 992-0339
  11. wen

    wen New Member

    Thanks all you wonderful troopers out there in the land of pain. wen
  12. teach6

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    I have CFIDS along with Neurally Mediated Hypotension, which means I can only stand up for very minimum time. Standing or walking for more than a few minutes exhausts me, sends my BP down and my pulse rate up. So I avoid it when possible,

    One of these days when my schedule settles down I want to try water therapy at a nearby commnunity center. It's supposed to be good for people with NMH, so I am hopeful I will be able to tolerate it.

  13. sybil

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    as directed by my physiotherapist......they are killing me.
    i start hydrotherapy next week,i'm expecting to be in lots of pain,but i have to try it.
    i used to do pilates for my spine,but had to give it up,i couldn't move after doing the pilates exercises i have have done for years with no problems,

  14. Michell

    Michell New Member

    it helps a lot. the pain always increases no matter what, but my energy and mood do better with exercise. I get tooooo fatigued without it. Just that darn pain
  15. roro

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    and i truly beleive it helps. It definitely makes you healthier, and a healthier body will feel better. If you remain inactive, you will waste muscle and only get worse. I have always exercised, and in january I started body building. I was lifting weights before, but not with the intention of building muscle. i think building muscle has helped a lot with the joint pain. I have CFS.
    But from the middle of august till about 3 weeks ago I had a major flare, and just could NOT exercise. I tried several times. I tried to just go for a walk, and barely could make it to the end of my street, and was in terrible pain in my neck and lower back. At times like that it is just impossible. Maybe I should try hydrotherapy during those times. Two weeks ago during my TOM my BP was very low and i felt very weak and achy and did not exercise for three days. Three days isnt too bad, but 2 months is just too long to go without doing anything, i know that the deconditioning made me worse.