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    I have recently tried adding a cardio workout to my day. The trouble I am having is anything to strenuous causes a great deal of pressure in my skull. I try to keep going but it just becomes to much. When i stop the activity I am extremely tired. I could just fall asleep right then. I have noticed this over the last few years. Any kind of exertion leaves me feeling weak. Activities that I enjoy, like biking, leave me feeling very tired and sick but I could walk for miles and not feel tired. It does pass within a few minutes of resting but at my age it is embarassing and frightening. Does anyone know if this is due to my low BP? Any solutions to giving my heart a workout?
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    I know what you mean about feeling like you could fall asleep after your work out. I've tried several times to begin an exercise routine. Back in 2003 I was able to follow a routine and even started going to the gym. I did this for at least 6 months. Then, I noticed that at the end of my work out at the gym, or even half way through, I was feeling sick to my stomach, weak, and dizzy. I tried everything from changing my diet to increasing my fluid intake. Nothing helped. It ended with me passing out in the parking lot one evening and spending 3 days in the hospital getting a full cardiac workout. Nothing was found, which is good because I was only 21 years old at the time.

    Just a couple of months ago I tried again to start a workout routine. A few days into it I noticed I was getting dizzy. The one day I came home from the gym and was getting ready to get into the shower and the room just started spinning. That lasted for about 6 hours, and that was the last day I went to the gym. It could have been purely coincidental, because I was also on a medication (at the time) which one of the rare side effects is dizziness. Now, I'm extremely sensitive to medications, and I usually end up with the "rare" side effects.

    The best thing to do is check with your doctor if you're having difficulty with your exercise routine. I know for sure that when I'm ready to get started again, I'm going to talk to my doctor about it. These problems, the dizziness and weakness, can be serious things and the doctor needs to give you the okay before putting that kind of physical stress on your heart.

    Gentle hugs,
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    It really is good to know I am not alone. Some of my reading has brought mitral valve prolapse to my attention. It can't hurt to get tested though I hate sounding like a hypochondriac. It has to be something. I need to be able to hike with my kid or do strenuous things at work without feeling like my head is going to explode with the pressure. If anyone knows any more about MVP that might help this mystery I'd sure like to hear about it.
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    Exercise intolerance is a symptom of CFS. I don't tolerate it. If I over do things with too much activity I get very tired, sick, weak, dizzy....etc. All my CFS symptoms flare up.

    Sorry...that is just a part of the illness. Pushing yourself to exercise can be dangerous and make you more sick in the long term. You don't want to be worse than you already are. And you certainly don't want to pass out and spend days in the hospital like Kim.

    You may be able to try stretching exercises or something very light but I wouldn't try anything taxing. Yoga is supposed to be good. As far as hiking and strenuous stuff at work I don't think doing those things will be good for you. They will likely make you worse.

    You can get tested for MVP...they just do an echocardiogram. I am currently waiting for the results of my test for MVP. Seems like a lot of people with CFS have it but not sure why. Also lots of people with CFS have low BP too.

    Bumping just means that we are pushing the message back up to the top so that people will respond/see it.

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    I had my 2nd PT appointment today & it was an hour of exercises. I managed to drive home & have lunch & was after 2 hours I couldn't stay awake, I was so beyond tired.

    Slept for 2 hours. Even now I feel very wiped out. I'm dreading tomorrow's fatigue...

    best wishes to you
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    everything i've learned, heard, read, and personally experienced has taught me that pushing yourself physically such as in exercising is so not recommended if you have CFIDS.

    think of it using Dr. Cheney's model of a heart dysfunction being at the root of CFS. from this point of view it makes sense not to push the heart to strain, as this is what causes intensified CFS symptoms, and puts added stress on the heart. in fact, he has said that the CFS symptoms may be a protective device to keep the heart from getting too stressed.

    finding exercise i can do is a major quest for me. i have weakened these last few years; can't walk without pain; can't do any prolonged exercise regimen. i keep the search going, and have found i can dance to oldies music for 2 minutes without collapse. i'm working up to doing that twice a day. (i have satellite radio, which helps a lot!)

    someone whose last name is Campbell does have carefully worked out approach to becoming more active--in fact he cured himself by using this approach. he has a book out and works with PWCs to help them figure out their tolerances and learn how to gradually increase their stamina.

    but be careful and don't push yourself too much. experts warn against it- best wishes from sascha