exercise helps?

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    Did exercise ever help anyone, even a little bit? All it seems to do for me is make me even tireder than I usually am--which is pretty tired. I had to sit down this morning to go through the pockets of my son's jeans before washing them. Lifting them damp out of the washer was impossible. Same thing with our oversized towels. This evening I fell and couldn't get up. My husband brought a step stool with a high rise handle in the back, and I finally was able to pull myself up. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm 80 lbs overweight, and I know this doesn't help, but I'm lucky enough to have a spa, and even the water exercise doesn't seem to help the overwhelming fatigue.
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    Do you have CFIDS or FM or both? I am one that can't tolerate exercise it makes me worse and if I over do with any activity I am in bed for days. We are all different. I too am overweight but was overweight before CFIDS and the weight issue didn't cause fatigue. I know the weight isn't good but not being able to be active its hard to lose.. I don't eat anything like I once did and still fat.

    The only exercise I get is what I manage to do around the house with housework. Maybe not enough but I am up moving. Can't clean and do anything like I once did. Gone from 90 percent functional to maybe a 20.. Don't push yourself.


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    It's always good to listen to your body when exercise is concerned. My fatigue doc says evening walks are the best, since it will help you sleep. Lymph only flows when we move, so we can feel real bad if we stay stagnant for too long.

    What are your other symptoms? I recently learned from my fatigue doc that Cytomegalo virus is basically symptomless, but extreme fatigue and sinus pressure. I look fine! My relatives claim that I'm lazy. Get off my a__ and go to work.

    Do you feel cold?
    Have you tried ribose?
    What supplements help? Which have no effect?
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    At first it drains you . you must start slow, you will still have to medicate. then you will start to see a difference. Then you will get some relief don't give up even typing is an exercise. But do not overdo it no matter what. set a goal each day then each week and so on. and every thing is an exercise. I have got sleeping pills which i use one once in a while. when it gets too much. i take one. Take your vitamins everyday I have tried the antidepressants just gained weight. Start slow and rest but do not give up have a jet spray it will hurt but it helps desensitize as well as a good loafa. Never going to get it all away sorry to say but it will help. best of luck
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    I agree with earlier suggestions to start slow and with something gentle like restorative yoga.

    Walking (even just around the room or the house) counts! Just start where you are at and gradually increase (add 20% more to what you could do before, just as distance or time spent).

    That's what has worked for me and is recommended in all the books I've read on fibro and CFIDS.
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    Good question. I have been pondering this question now for a while. Last year, around this time, I bought an upright exercise bike on the recommendation of my chiropractor. I have FM, with the worst hip, but, and thigh pain.

    He told me that this woud be the best exercise for me because it will not put a strain on my knees or my hips the way walking or or using an elipptical machine might do.

    He told me to start with only 3 minutes a day. As soon as the 3 minutes were don, get off the bike. I started with 3 minutes and worked my way up to half an hour, which took me close to 3 months to achieve because the doc told me to go up in minutes VERY SLOWLY.

    Well, all I can say is this. I did go for about 6 months, being the last 3 months at 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week. WAY TO MUCH FOR MY FM BODY. I burned out, and unfortunately, I was getting more flare ups.

    On the positive side, my mood was slightly better, my PMS was cut down about 75 percent, which is great. But my ugly FM body took over. I just can not tolerate that much exercise a day with working a full time job. Actually, I think I exercised more than most people would do, even if they didn't have FM. I noticed only a slight reduction in my weight after all that time, but I did build up muscles in my legs from the constant pedaling.

    I am planning on going back on, but I will have to start from the beginning again. Also, I will NOT go on it 7 days a week, too much, I will go only about 4 days a week and try that.

    In a nutshell, exercise is good for everyone, but when there are chronic issues such as FM, you have to be very very careful you do not overdue it. If someone who doesn't have FM overdoes it, they will be sore just like us, but the difference is, they will not "flare up" the way we do. My soreness never went away as far as FM is concerned, although I did see some "benefits". I really have to weigh the good with the bad. So far the good and bad are neck in neck for now. So, this one you will have to try on your own, and REALLY TWEAK your exercise regime. You do not want to flare up afterwards just because you might be a jolt of energy right after you exercise. This one is tough, good luck. Hugs, Chelz.

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    I think that the APPROPRIATE type and amount of exercise is helpful. It help you maintain as much muscle strength, flexibility, and balance as possible. If you have ME/CFS, then too much exercise is bad. We vary a lot, so what is appropriate for one is not appropriate for another. Aerobic exercise is generally worst. Some people can handle stretching and weight training better than others.

    You have to stay below the limit of what will cause post exertional exhaustion. Once you work up to that limit, you will not be able to increase your exercise farther until the ME/CFS improves. Walking is one of my favorite exercises. I found that I needed to walk more slowly to be able to walk father. Walking several blocks, sitting down for a rest, then walking some more also increases the total distance I can go.

    Since ME/CFS appears to have a low mortality rate, most of us will get old and be at increased risk of falling. We need to do what we can to maintain our core strength, bone density, flexibility, and balance.
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    I have had pain all over for about the last 12 years - I'm 34 now. I avoided exercise for a long time because I was scared of the after math. This year I started doing circuit training where you spend 45 sec doing more activity and then change to a different one. I was very sore in the beginning but after a few weeks I started to feel a lot of energy and less pain after my workouts. There was a dramatic difference on the days I worked out and didn't work out. I would say start slow and really vary the movements so that no one part of the body gets over strained. I am grateful to not suffer from fatigue so I cannot speak to that. Sorry and best luck finding some gentle form of exercise that can make you feel better.
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    One of my favorite quotes is:

    If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk.
    If you can't walk, crawl. But by all means,
    keep moving.

    I KNOW that movement is good, good for me. Can I always do it? No. There are days that I can barely hold my head up, but I can say that on the days that I can take the dog for a walk, I do feel better. I feel like I've done something good for my mind and body.

    Is that considered exercise, probably not really, but right now, I'm trying to "move" like I said.
    I've been feeling like a slug for the last 4 + yrs and I don't like it at all. I get winded very easily. If I forget something upstairs before work and have to hurry up there quickly, oh my gosh, you'd think I'd just run a marathon. that's just ridiculous.

    I was watching Dancing with the Stars. I've always loved to dance and my dream is to one day be able to take salsa, rumba some kind of lessons, but the main thing I was looking at is how limber they looked. I was thinking how good it must feel to be able to stretch your body. I'm not talking the splits and all of that, but just the arms way above your head and your spine.

    I need to do more stretching!!!

    One day I'll be doing the Cha Cha!

    Keep moving - even if it's crawling to begin with. ;)
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    getting up and moving around generally helps to loosen things up and I start to feel better,

    I do stretching exercises every day

    Mondays, wed & Fridays are my laundry days so going up & down the stairs several times

    Knowing to pace yourself is very important!!!

    So, if I just emptyed the dish washer and put every thing away I will go sit down & watch TV for 15-20 minutes to rest

    and then go back in and start loading the dishwasher again and do what ever else needs to be done sweep. vacuum, take out the garbage and depending on how much more needs to be done I may take another break

    I find vacuuming is really hard on my back--so I try to save that for a better day, or get help with it.

    I am very behind in major housework, but I do work on something every day.

    I also take my dog for a walk every night after I get home from work. To make it fun we call the "walk" a date. We don't go very far, but he looks forward to our special time together.