EXERCISE..How does one get started??

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    Forgive me if there were previous posts on this, but if I did a search with the word "exercise" I probably would have had dozens of pages to go through.

    It takes all my energy, what little there is, to work a full time job. There is nothing left when I get home. On my two days off, I barely get the laundry and dishes done. I am quite overweight, and it's such an effort for me to MOVE.

    I WANT to get started exercising, but I'm not sure how. I cannot tolerate the heat, so walking outside in the summer is out of the question (I live in Maryland, home of the hot & humid summer). I can't afford a treadmill, either.

    I feel like 5 or 10 minutes of "Dancing to the Oldies" or whatever is a waste of time and doesn't do much good. I get 5-10 minutes of exercise just going to work, walking around the building during the day, and going home! Does this benefit me?

    Every night when I get home, I say to myself that I'm too tired, I'll start tomorrow. BUT TOMORROW NEVER COMES!

    Does any of this sound familiar to you? Do you think that my subconscience believes I am not worthy?

    HELP! Much thanks
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    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Donna,
    I know what you mean about getting started on exercise. I always have these great ambitions but by the time I am out of the shower I am too tired to do anything else. Plus I usually get my energy "spurt" later at night. It is a little difficult to do this without pictures but here goes. One of the best things you can do to keep the blood flowing, prevent blood clots from inactivity and strengthen calf muscles is to do ankle pumps. You can do it while laying in bed, even. While keeping your legs/knees straight, point your toes towards the foot of the bed then back towards the head of the bed. You dont' have to hold it, just keep going back and forth. When I start, I may only do it five times. I gradually work up to ten or twenty and do it several times a day. If I am particularly perky I will do it standing. It's called a calf raise. I hold on to a counter and just rise up onto my toes,then slowly back down. I also lay on my side on the floor or bed and do sideways leg lifts, again starting with just a few and gradually working my way up. It all depends on the day and I have learned to be a fairly good judge. somedays I do nothing, others I do 10 repetitions on each side.

    Laying on my back I bring one knee to my chest and hold it for five seconds. Then I let it go back down and bring up the other knee. I do this ten times on each leg. If I can sit in a chair, I do gentle stretching/movement of my upper body like bringing my arms out to the sides and up over my head, then back down again. I do this several times.

    There are so many but hard to explain on email. I think the easiest thing to say is that just about any gentle movement is ok as long as it does not increase your pain--never ever work "through" pain. You probably already have pain, but make sure that nothing you do increases it. If it does, it's not the right exercise for you. The one exception, and this is up to you to decide, is that it's ok to feel that next day sort of post exercise muscle fatigue that just comes with exercising sometimes. It should be mild and tolerable. The next thing is to start really really slow. Say you do five repetitions of one exercise the first week, then the second week, if there were no flare-ups, increase your reps or add another exercise. Also, anything counts as exercise. Sometimes I turn on the radio and sort of dance/stretch for five mins and that's it for the day. Even though it's not a huge cardio workout, it's still a foundation to build on because maybe next week it will be seven mins or maybe it's enough to get me out of the house to the store.

    Let me know if you have more specific questions, but just running out of energy at the moment! hope it helps!
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    I know exactly what you mean. I used to do aerobics (Gilad, Denise Austin, etc) 4x a week before this illness. I never lost much weight but I felt great. Then this DD hit and my life fell apart. I just recently started excercising again. I too am overweight so I needed low impact for that as well as the FM. I bought a Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk tape. It is a 1 mile walk in the comfort of your own home. (got it at Target - $9.99)
    I just love it. I started with 2x a week and now am doing 3x or more if I feel up to it. Of course, I always think "not today" but make myself do it and feel good after I am done. Yes, I do hurt but I figure I hurt when I do nothing so I might as well hurt but have done something good for myself.

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    These sound like the physical therapy exercises I was given when I was so bad that I spent a good deal of time in bed. These exercises can all be done in bed and I highly recommend seeing a PT for exercises like these. They keep circulation up, keep the muscles toned, and the increase flexibility. I believe they also decrease pain over time.

    Love, Mikie
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    The stretching exercises sound good, as does the walking tape. I appreciate it very much, please don't get me wrong!

    My problem is not WHAT exercises to do, but HOW TO GET MOTIVATED TO DO THEM!

    I barely have enough motivation to go on living.....and I'm not kidding. How am I supposed to push myself to exercise? If I only do 5 or 10 minutes a few times a week, I will probably not feel much better, possibly feel worse. What will make me want to keep doing it?

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    The motivation I agree is the tough part. For me it is that I have to do something to try and feel better. Sitting and laying around ALL the time are NOT going to make me feel better. Exercise, as difficult as it can be, does in the long run make me feel better. There is no dought that the more we sit (lay, whatever) the more we will continue to do that. The more we move ... no matter how or how long... the more we will want to move.
    Motivation comes from within so nothing I or anyone else say will make you move. You have to dig deep within yourself and muster up the will to live and the will to want to live a better life. No, it is NOT easy. I find myself everyday complaining "oh, I hurt to bad to exercise" but I MAKE myself do it.
    It has to be for you. Spouse, children, family, friends, they cannot be the reason. YOU have to be the reason. Only you can do it and only you will reap the benefits.
    Please, try the 5-10 minutes a day ... it WILL make a difference in the long run. Next week make it 10-15 minutes and so on. Eventually you will be moving the 20- 30 minutes we should all aim for a day.
    It is said that if a person were to walk (slow marching like) in place during the commercials of an hour TV program that it would total 20 minutes. Wow!!! Not to hard to do.Worth a try. Please do get discouraged. It takes two weeks to make a habit but only 2 days to break one.
    I know you probably wanted a different response but this is what I had to tell myself.

    Janine :)
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    get 2 mm's. before you eat one, think about it. do you think, more calories, shame,childish, sugarholic . Probably all of the bad stuff.
    Now eat one. Notice the words that come to mind. Delicious, more, wonderful, i love em :)
    if you're not going to walk then don't think about it. it will become worse the more you think about it. if you do walk, be sure to get a good pair of tennis shoes, the best you can afford and a good sweatband. it's a lot easier if you are prepared.
    try my expierment with the m&m's :)
  9. Mikie

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    It's a strange thing which happens in our minds. We are soooo tired that we put off exercising and think we will do it later. That goes on day after day and the longer it goes on, the more depressing the whole thing becomes. Pretty soon, a simple thing has become a HUGE putoof in our minds.

    The answer is to just get up and do something, anything. Once you do, you will feel so much better. Don't wait until you have a formal plan in mind or wait until you find just the right video or program. Get up, put on some comfortable shoes, and walk outside. Do a few stretches. Do something again tomorrow. Once you just get up and do it, your body will start to want to do it. You will feel better. Don't go gung-ho in the beginning and overdo it or you will not go back to it. Always leave your body wanting more. Like the Nike slogan: Just Do It !!!

    Love, Mikie
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    First Mikie...yes these probably are the exercises you got! They are pretty much standard (and very safe) for all post-surgical procedures. They are a great way to just get started on the moving again. For me, motivation is a problem too, so if I don't feel motivated to get out of bed, at least I know I am doing something small in bed that helps my progress.

    Donna, so sorry for the misunderstanding. Imay have been reading too fast and then I overwhelm you with all this info not relative to your needs. I think motivation is the hardest part which is why I start small. It doesn't take much motivation to lay in bed and move your feet, but it takes a lot of motivation to get off your bum and walk down the street. However, I still understand your point so I may recommend someting else. You may or may not like Dr. Phil (I do, but I don't watch his show), but he has written some excellent books on how to get what you want in life. I read one last year called Life Strategies. It really helped me to organize what I wanted out of life and what my goals are. He says most people will answer the question of what do you want out of life with "I want to be happy". That means nothing,though! It is not concrete and doesn't tell us how to go about achieving the goal of happiness.

    I think you may want to check out this book to give you concrete, tangible ways of how to ispire or motivate yourself to do what you need to do in your life. Some of us can't find motivation within ourselves and we have to turn to outside resources like this book. If you do get the book, be an active participant like he says. It means keeping a piece of paper and pen nearby to do all the activities listed. It really helps you get started ona better life.

    I hope it gives some insight!

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    Your words are inspiring. I know you all are right, I just have to DO IT, just get started!

    I'm too exhausted tonight to write much, but want you to know I am so glad I found this site. It's the ONLY place I get any support!

    Gotta go now.....have to buy a book & some magnesium, two m&m's and a Yoga video!! :)