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    My girlfriend has been having this problem for well over a year now. Symptoms will appear after she's exercised and will only go away with sleep. There have been one or two occurences on days that she didn't exercise, but she was active on those days (such as cleaning the apartment). It's not guaranteed to happen if she exercises, but lately it probably happens 30-40% of the time that she exercises.
    Her symptoms include:
    Slurred Speech/Difficulty Speaking - She is usually a fast, smooth talker. When symptoms set in, her speech slows down considerably and she slurs some words.
    Strange behavior - Her personality is different. She'll be mostly giddy. Cognitive abilities are diminished. She's a quick minded person, but not when these symptoms kick in.
    Facial expression change - Noticeable change in facial expression. She looks tired. Eyes will look a little droopy.
    Shakiness - She seems weak. She's not falling over, but she appears shaky and has a little tremble.

    She has spoken to her general practioner and he basically diagnosed her as having hypogylcemia. Diabetes tests came back negative. So we bought a glucose meter to start testing her blood sugar levels. However, her blood sugar readings always come back fine when these symtoms have set in. This evening, for example, her blood sugar level was 94 mg/dL. Eating something sugary will make her blood sugar level rise, but her symptoms do not go away. The only thing that makes her symptoms go away is sleeping it off. She will remember the episode mostly, but some things may be a little fuzzy.

    So basically, she has all the symptoms of exercise-induced hypoglycemia, except her blood sugar levels aren't low and eating a sugary food doesn't make the symptoms go away.

    Any suggestions? Either on what it could be or what kind of doctor she should see. Her general practioner hasn't been any help.

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    I went through something very similar to what you described. I too had hypoglycemia episodes, but do not have diabetes. At one point I was admitted into the hospital for testing but left before the test were completed.

    Long story short, they were taking up to 11 vials of blood every 4 hours, doing finger pricks every 2 hours. My veins were collapsing, I was bruised on both arms, hands, and fingers. I just couldn't take anymore punishment.

    What helped me... Eating more fiber, and eating more frequently. Every 3-4 hours, with some protein, fiber, and carbs mixed in. Eating healthy, and clean.

    Actually eating sugary food makes things WORSE, because you get a quick rise in blood levels, and then it plummets, and you get hypoglycemia like symptoms.

    Hopefully things will work out for her.
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    Thanks for the food tips...we will definitely give that a shot.
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    I went through some of those symptoms too, including blurred vision and nausea .. It was awful... My solution is to have protein rich foods before exercising and after. If the exercise is longer than 2-3 hours and or very intense, have her take a snack, preferably something healthy of course. For example...
    Before : protein shake, protein bar or granola w/ almonds
    Snack : orange (helps with sugar levels), nuts or protein bar
    After : chicken salad, tuna salad or protein shake

    Incalifornia [This Message was Edited on 02/16/2013]
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    A balanced diet will help you in this and for the time being just try some simple exercises.
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    A regular exercise plan will surely help you to have a healthy body and balanced diet is also equally important for a healthy stress free life.
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    I know this post is older, but the plan is to start taking older posts and bringing them up again as there was a lot of interesting discussion. Obviously, 2 years on, I am hoping that things have resolved with your girlfriend. I think that there was some good advice there in regards to exercise and eating properly. I also think that functional medicine doctors seem to have a lot more to offer than the (what I call Jack of all trades, master of none...GP).
  9. If we follow two things like eating healthy diet and exercise on daily bases then we can stay fit. so maintain these two things to get healthy and strong body.
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    I think that there are several key issues in regards to eating healthy and exercise. In theory, of course these things are important. In practice, it is a whole other story. Firstly, finding some sort of exercise that doesn't compound issues and create more fatigue and pain is critical - and what may work for some won't work for everyone, particularly as their trigger pain points differ as well as how their body reacts. For myself I was doing yogalates - very gentle stretches. Even with pillows under my hips and doing other things to counterbalance hurting myself didn't help. At the end of doing it 3x a week for a month, My body gave in and is now worse than where it was before. I have heard this happen with several people with pilates. Swimming also affects my neck severely (in trying to breathe above the water!!!). The best thing I can do are stretches in bed. In regards to food - this as well is excellent in theory. However, the sad fact that for many this doesn't happen is twofold. One being that many people who are so unwell will not have the financial means to buy healthier foods and supplements. The second being that they do not have the energy or are in pain, in regards to preparing the meals. In saying this, there ARE ways around this - such as using a slow cooker to make a substantial amount that can be used for leftovers or freezing. Pulses,grains etc are nutrtious as well as good for bulking things up. But I will never forget 10 years ago going to the grocery store and our little trolley wasn't even filled with fresh fruits, veg and meat (and not even organic), the family ahead of us had a huge trolley fillled with cheap white bread, potato crisps (chips), and a huge amount of filling and cheap foods with very little nutrition (and a lot of crap!). Their bill came to £40. Ours came to £110. I feel that a good proportion of people being so unwell and unable to work is because they are stuck in the rut of not actually being in a position to take care of their bodies better due to financial restraints. Sad, but true.
  11. yes i agree with you
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    @jess5453 its not big issue,
    You just need to change her diet plan.
    here some Guideline daily amounts
    How Many Calories You Consume in a Day?
    What is Your Mealtime?
    Activities Performed during the Day
    Eat Fruits and Vegetables
    Don’t Skip the Proteins
    Have Dairy
    Eat Your Carbs
    Stay away from Sugar, Salt and Fats

    Energy (kcal)
    Protein (g)
    Carbohydrates (g)
    Sugar (g)
    Fat (g)
    Saturates (g)
    Fibre (g)
    Salt (g)
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    Hii all
    I am beckey. please tell me how to loss weight . i weigh 132 pounds. its really so embarrasses. :oops:
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    Great ideas...
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    Awesome food tips. Hope this help for sure. lol
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    I don't know how tall you are but 132 pounds is nothing to be embarrassed about. People who are athletic will weigh more than their nonathletic comrades because muscle tissue is heavy.

    Exercising and eating healthy foods is the only safe and effective way to lose weight. Whatever you do, do not be drawn in by outlandish claims for diet pills and other products.

    I started running in the shallow end of our swimming pool three times a week for my heart health. I dropped 16 pounds immediately. Then, I stopped eating sugars and starches and dropped another 14 pounds. I have ten pounds to go to hit my target weight. I didn't change my lifestyle to lose weight; that was just the icing on the cake (cake which I no longer eat :) I did it for my health.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Idea isn't bad at all. I am totally agree with you. Hard working (running) helps to lose weight.