exercise junky has no self control

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    I know that someone here can relate but I am being such a fool. I know it is stupid, but now that I am taking time off work, I told myself that I am going to get some physical strength back even if it is all I can do all day. (I couldn't even take a short walk before because I would feel too bad to work if I did.) so for the past couple of weeks, I have been going out for litttle walks, slow, level and then going home and resting the rest of the day. What is happening now is that since I can do the path up and back, I find myself wanting to do more. I know from past experience that whenever I add distance, I relapse, so I am really fighting the urge to go further so soon. But instead, I find myself trying to pick up the pace and make better time. It is so crazy, if my little dog could keep up, I would probably be racewalking since I am not allowing myself to increase distance yet. And of course, today I came home and laid on the couch and couldn't move. so I am probably putting myself back off track where it will take time to just recoup to where I was a week ago. Why do we seamingly intelligent people do such stupid things when it comes to pushing ourselves? It is almost like an addivtion, if I walk a mile, I need to try for two, if I could only do a little more or a little faster.....you would think I would learn by now. just needed to vent-sorry.
    So, the articles that you all have submitted about pacing yourself are what I really need, I need to keep reminding myself constantly that if I just take it slow, I will continue to improve, but when I rush it, I fall back and have to start over. am I the only one who has this issue with pushing myslef to do too much?