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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by honkers, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. honkers

    honkers New Member

    Hi all - another question to all you 'experienced' fibros! I have recently been told I may have fibro but have a definite diagnosis for neuopathy. My question is about exercise - I used to exercise almost daily and have not done much for the past two years. Recently I have been walking almost daily but (as expected) after the first time my thighs ached terribly and I thought it was just that I hadn't exercised for a while. My problem is that now even after a year of trying to exercise I get the same terrible ache in my thighs in the evening and the next day as if I have done a thousand squats in my sleep! It's as if my muscles can't remember that they are used to doing this exercise and all over again they hurt as if it was the first time. Hope I made myself clear - its a little hard to explain! Does anyone else get this problem and do you know why?? Thanks Pauline
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    You may be walking too far! Even if you are thinking I can walk farther than that!LOL Try doing only 5 minutes at a time..then the next week add a minute or two to the time you walk. It can take 6 months to a year to get to a place where you actually feel like you are making some progress!
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    Our muscles don't rebuild as quickly as other people's. I think it has to do with not getting as much stage 4 sleep. I used to kickbox, weightlift and do aerobics, every week. Now a good walk leaves me hurting. Two things I would suggest, stretch before you walk. I've found that stretching everyday leaves me much less sore in general and much better able to handle a good walk. I do the warm-up portion of an exercise tape. Second, if you're into supplements, you could try calcium pyruvate. It is a natural supplement, it's found in apples and stuff. Your body uses it to build muscle, body builders use it at high doses. People also use it for weight loss, I imagine building muscle helps you lose weight. It's not a stimulant or anything. It has helped me a lot. Now I'm back to working out everyday!
  4. EllenComstock

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    I have been exercising regularly since my early 20's and I am 47 now. Since you haven't exercised much in two years, you really need to start gradually. One article I read said to start with five minutes and work up from there. I don't remember exactly how long you need to do the five minutes and what you work up to from there. Maybe just listen to your body, and if it hurts after exercising, then cut back next time.

    Also, I have found that in walking, I must walk on a flat surface-no steep hills. I walk around my neighborhood and at the end of my walk there is a hill but it is very gradual and I haven't had any trouble with that. But steep hills are a killer. Also, I cannot walk on hard surfaces like concrete. We don't have any curbs in my neighborhood, so it's easy for me to just walk on the edge of the street where the dirt or grass is. We also have a nearby park that I can walk in.

    Make sure your tennis shoes are in good condition. I read one time that you need to get new tennis shoes every few months. I have not done that as it would be so expensive, but I do make sure to buy good quality comfortable shoes.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

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    my thighs feel like that weather I walk or not. Not exactly sure why it happens but if you do a search on perifferal(spelling?) nerve damage you should get answers. MedlinePlus would be a good place to start.

    It is hard to sleep when it feels like someone took a bag of rocks to your legs
  6. pemaw54

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    Just walking the length of the supermarket kills me. One day, I had hit the wall by the time I got to the register. I had to ask them to take my groceries out of the buggy. I dont know how it is where you live, but here they just do not want to help you in any way at the store.

    I started with an arthritis water class at the YMCA. Now Ive moved up to water arobics. Maybe this would help you. My instructor said you get 12 times the resistance in the water than on land.

    Good luck,

  7. HagerTX

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    Are you stretching properly before walking? My legs have been abnormally tight since I was about 14 years old and I've had to spend more time and effort to stay limber than the average person. If I try to do something without stretching I'm more apt to hurt the next day.

  8. forfink

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    Have the same thing. When the Ultram wears off it's the thighs that start to ache the most. I hear you, mine feel the same. I walk and do yoga stretches and my upper thigh groin area is so achy....sometimes I think it is from over doing things, but other times for no reason, it starts up, days later. Very confusing, I'd say. Good health to you!!
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    I have been exercising for over 25 years and whenever I stopped for a while and start back up its hard. Even folks without fibro will have a hard time getting back into it after a few years. Even after a few months.

    What i find is that I am going to hurt if I exersise or dont. So i choose to exercise. And well I think it helps because it gets the blood pumping thru our muscles and can help to clear them. I use to be on the Quai protocol and still beleive in the concept of clearing. Any way just be careful. I did not do pilates for 3 months because life took me away and when i came back to it I tried to do something i did with ease before and hurt my back. So go easy to begin with. It is worth it.

    Jean Ann
  10. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    for muscles. It really helps me, anyway.

    Also, see my thread about MBT sneakers. They make walking on concrete surfaces so much more comfortable. I really love mine.


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