Exercise to treat CFS/PVS?

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  1. PCP has recommended exercise to improve CFS/PVS symptoms. Apparently, "It is the only way to treat it" (other than the antidepressants they keep pushing). They suggested that I start walking 20mins/day and to expect to be tired but persevere and things will improve. Willing to try and give it a go, but I'm concerned about how it might affect me.

    Does anyone else have any experience of exercise helping their symptoms (or making them worse)?

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    Exercise in the early days of CFS, or whilst it's still severe, can make things worse. It has to do with an inability to exercise aerobically so aim for increasing strength and well being. Don't aim for stamina until you've tested the water. If 20 minutes seem too much, start at less than that and gradually increase the time.

    There are a lot of doctors, who don't believe CFS is a legitimate illness, who subsequently promoted this regime. They insist all we need is anti-depressants and chivvying out of it. The theory being there might have been a virus but it's no longer there, we have become deconditioned, and need to be jolted out of our "illness" state of mind.

    Clearly your doctor has taken only this treament on board which no doubt means he/she does not take your CFS seriously enough. If you can find another doctor it might well be advisable to do so.

    Graded exercise programmes have made a significant number of severely affected patients worse, it only works for some, significantly those who are already on the road to recovery.

    Thought you ought to know the background behind your doctor's suggestions.


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