Exercise tolerance/post-exertional malaise

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    Do people here (those with CFS anyhow, I don't know if FM is different) have difficulty WHILE doing light exercise, or is the problem mostly that they get exhausted afterwards? And if the problem is the latter, do you experience primarily fatigue, or cognitive problems as well? Thanks.
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    and some days I have exhaustion during exercise and other days afterwards. My DO recommended a homeopathic called Sportenine which you can get from the Apothecary, available over the web. It helps some, might help you more. He thinks (and I agree) that I have oxygenation problems and this treatment is to help with that.
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    Healing, thanks, any test that showed this oxygenation problem, or is it a diagnosis based on symptoms? If it's symtpoms, and you don't mind my asking, other than fatigue, do you have shortness of breath, pain, etc. from exercise? Thanks.
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    Typically I get the post-exertional malaise 2-3 hours after working out. It's in the form of a crash where I become extremely tired, experience diminished mental capacity, and often experience an immune response, like swollen glands, sore throat, or swollen gums (I know, weird - my gums are otherwise in great shape minus some recession here and there).
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    I could go to the gym right now but tommorow I guarantee I would have swollen glands sore throat fatigue and just feel like I had the worst flu. After 5 years of having CFS I now know that its always after the event that it hits me.

    The key is to pace yourself to stop the constant relapses. I wish I,d realised this sooner instead of keep pushing myself but I suppose it takes time to accept one has an illness.

    Rebecca X