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    Hi again all!! I'm looking for some example exercise routines that anyone out there might do....I used to be a bodybuilder. I lost 40 lbs at one time and was thinking of competing....but then this illness happened. I have gained all the weight I once lost and my self esteem is at a record low. I swore I would not let the weight come back but now it's here....stuck everywhere....sigh.

    I have tried lifting weights again, but my stamina is so crappy that a couple sets will wipe me out for the rest of the day, and aerobic exercise is even worse! Anyone have any Fibro adjusted routines that I can try??

    I am still active with my job because I don't have a choice and am on my feet carrying things the whole shift. This is probably the only thing that saves me from being 50 pounds more than I already am but is not taking off any weight...help!!!
  2. maripat

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    Have you ever tried water excercises. If it weren't for swimming and excersising in a warm therapy pool I really think I might loose it. Check your local Gyms. The resistance in the water it great. Hope your able to give it a try.
  3. tngirl

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    I have never been athletic and been overweight most of my life, but now make exercise a regular part of my life.

    I don't always want to but I feel better overall when I do.

    What I do depends on how I feel.

    I do stretches and strengthening exercise most every day. I also have osteoarthritis and degenerative disc and degenerative facet disease. Like most here, I am very stiff when I wake up.

    I make a point of doing at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I do a Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds tape. I use my pool a lot. I can usually always do some water exercises.

    I do stretching and strengthening in the water and walk laps rather than swim.

    I used to do some repititions with 2 pound weights, but my shoulders have been too sore lately to do that.

    I also have a few that I do with exercise bands.

    And I have lost weight, 60 lbs. this year. Yahoo! But....
    still that much to go.

    And yes, there are a few days I had too much pain or exhaustion to exercise. But that is the exception and not the rule.

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