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    I have had CF since 1986, the first 2 years I was in bed.
    Then I gradually got better but have never recovered. I have found that Magnesium and Malic Acid taken regularly keep my pain under control. My struggle now is exercise(always has been)even a 10 to 15 minute walk when I am not feeling well seems impossible to do. I really have guilt feeling when I feel I can't walk for a week. I am afaid that I will lose all my muscle support. So my question is when you are sick is it better to rest or should I force myself to walk?
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    Force yourself to exercise!
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    I went to a physical therapist who helped me with very light stretching methods. He told me with this DD we should not be forcing hard exercise. The stretching will keep your muscles toned and won't be as hard on you as traditional exercise.