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  1. SEA23

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    I was diagnosed with FM approximately 3 months ago.
    Prior to the flare up that sent me to the rhumetologist for a diagnosis I had been going to a gym 4-5 times a week for approximately 1 1/2 years.
    I would used the tread mill and a variety of weight machines and really enjoyed it.
    My doctor had recomended that I again begin using the gym - which I did this past week end.
    I only used the tread mill and three different leg machines - I didn't over do it - really took it easy. But I am now in so much discomfort I can barely walk!
    Any suggestions on what excercises are beneficial without causing further pain!
  2. Sheila1366

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    Reading your post almost fooled me into thinking I wrote it.

    I was working out the same amount 4-5 days aweek.Lost a bunch of weight but was staying tired all the time and muscles were sore which I thought was coming from the weight training.Come last summer I was dying in pain.

    Every attempt back to the gym I end up in pain.

    I just went back last friday.Been 2 weeks since exercising.

    Found out I have 2 bulging disk in my neck,The pain has been enourmous.I am in physical therapy twice a week.And just today my orhtopedic dr. said she wouldn't give me anymore hydrocodine til I see her in the office.

    My reheumy. tells me to keep exercising too.But when you had a routine before it is hard to back off.I love to exercise and holding back is hard even when I hurt.

    My reheumy. said that the pain from exercising is just a pill I have to take to help my heart.So, exercise doesn't really help fm so much as it is the best thing just for overall health.

    I am gonna try to make it to the gym this week and do only 30 minutes on the eliptical.No weight training.

    For along time after I had a major flare this past summer I was scared to workout.I am afraid that now the pain is here to stay and it is best to take each workout a bit at a time.
  3. RockiAZ

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    I have been unable to do the exercises/activities....etc. as I did prior to FM/CFIDS. I too also worked out frequently - was heavy into Tae-Bo among other things. Never was a runner, bad knees. I have tried many times (on "good" days/moments) to return to my prior exercise routine, but it causes me to crash hard and the pain is unbareable for weeks on end. So, for me, I practice Yoga (have a DVD called Yoga For Healing). It's very mild and I do it whenever I can and water therapy in my pool. I used to walk a lot, but not so much now...BUT I am trying.

    We know exercise is good for us both emotionally and physically (and I love & miss it so!), but for most of us it's like asking us to climb Mount St. Helens.

    I guess whatever works for you, go for it. But always pace yourself and don't overdo it. The old saying about "no pain no gain" does not work in our case.

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  4. IntuneJune

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    So beneficial was working out in the pool for all my problems, I went on to become a certified aquatics instructor.

    Also, stretching, pilates, GENTLE yoga, rolling the body over those big physioballs.

    Good Luck, June
  5. SEA23

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    To all of you who replied. Yes, I am new to the site and from all of my responses and everything else I have read it know the site will be of great help and comfort!
    I am actually going to see my rhumetologist today, let's see what he advises.
    Hopefully I will be able to continue with some type of exerise - may have to look into yoga, or water aerobics.
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    I do Ai Chi in the pool. It is all gently stuff, and I also use weights there for resistance training. It feels wonderful to be in the warm water, with no lingering effects from muscle usage.