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    Everybody says exercise exercise and your whole life will be better. I'm just wondering how you're supposed to do that when you work 8-5 and come home and just want to go to sleep for 8 years. If you can barely walk or function normally through the day, how are you supposed to exercise on top of that?

    Hurting everywhere,
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    If you're still able to work and move around, then that's great. Breathing also moves lymph, so take a deep breath every now and again. A simple stretch every now and again.

    The lymphatic system can't use blood pressure, it completely depends on movement. This is why you feel better after just going for a walk at work. Moving the various viruses past the lymph nodes also helps to trigger the immune system into action.

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    I'm right there with you! I started by just making it a point to move around more at work and walk more, etc. Nothing drastic, just starting very slowly. Then I progressed to yoga and gentle stretching. Now I'm up to basic cardio, indoor walking tapes, treadmill and some simple weight training. I feel so much better when I do some activity. If I don't do any for a few days, I really do feel the difference.

    Good luck and just remember to start slow!!
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    very interesting information thank you.
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    It really does help, and you can spend as much or as little time as you feel like you can handle doing it.
    There's lots of good advice in this thread about alternative exercises, but I just wanted to tell you that you don't have to start out with anything other than stretching (gently).
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    Ive been there. I use to work and want to just sleep when I got off work. Now I don't work..I didnt move enough to not loose it. Just think of it that way.
    Move it or loose it.
    I just finished a stint of water therapy and am going to see about joining a gym so I can do water aerobics. I felt so much better after doing water therapy!!
    So PLEASE try!
    The Dr also gave me some stretching exercises to do at home to strengthen my legs.
    so I am gonna Move it before I loose it!!