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  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    How many are unable to exercise? I have CFS and by the time I do what I have to do, like the house chores , grocery shopping, I am to exhausted and achy to exercise..Is that not excerise? Well, for me I feel like I have done great to be able to do that much..

    God Bless.
  2. wasatch

    wasatch New Member

    Well, those things (housework, running around) are activity. But exercise is different - exercise is something you do for yourself. I think it is important to set aside time for yourself to exercise and stretch. If you are too tired after your daily activities to exercise, then just stretch at first. Break into an exercise routine gently. At first, just walk for 10 minutes, then stretch.

    If really will give you more energy and sense of well-being.

    Just remember, don't push yourself too hard. But, yes, definitely do it.

  3. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    I think if a PWC is able to do your normal activities of daily living without worsening their symptoms then some gently stretching would be good. But so many of us, myself included, can't even maintain a normal daily routine without crashing.

    I keep wanting to do some "exercise" but unfortunately I haven't gotten to the point where you are yet, it takes me a day or two to recover from just going to the store and housework is out. Oh well someday...

    Good luck let us know how you do,

  4. moab341

    moab341 New Member

    I am going back to the gym tonight for the first time in a long time...months. My boyfriend talked me into it, and I really do need to do this for me.

    I am going to stretch, and ride the bike for 10 or 15 minutes...more if I'm doing ok.

    I know I will want to do some weights. I am always weak and sore but usually not in bad pain.
    I'm really afraid of causing a flare, but I have to start somewhere. I used to be so strong and in shape....I want to get back there no matter how hard I have to fight.

    I could use some advise from those with FM who started a routine after a long absence.....how did you go about it...did it cause a flare?
    I'm determined to do this, but I'm also afraid.

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