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  1. pif

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    My Dr.s have told me that exercise is the best for my Fibro. Also I take neurontin. I also have CFS, and that is hard, but I seem to be getting some of my stamina back. I was diagnosed a few months ago, and before that I was convinced I had some disease that was killing me.

    When they finally sent me to rumeothoid (sp) I was glad to at least a diagnoses. However I am in some sort of pain evryday, particularly headaches.

    Do/can we recover from theses conditions. Oh, I also learned the term fibro fog, I thought it was early dementia. I'm 53

  2. 3gs

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    Hi pif

    Docs tried to tell me to do arobics! I have fm/me cfs and post polio to name a few.

    Excerise for me is a no no.

    This dd is so personal that what works for one doesn't work for another. Some folks remit don't think you ever get rid of it.

    ta fibro fog isnt it fun? best of luck
    im 57 and my mins gone![This Message was Edited on 10/01/2008]
  3. pif

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    My Dr.s told me that water exercise would be the best for me too, but I'm in the same position, can't afford it. So
    I try to walk for 30 min. every day.

    Thanks for the replies

  4. pasara

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    Just wanted to let you guys know that the YMCA offers need-based financial aid. also, when i had health insurance they offered a $20/month credit for health club membership if you went a minimum of 8 times in a month. between the two i was able to join the Y and participate in a water therapy class for basically nothing. i recommend you apply for the financial aid. it was quite generous.

    as a side note, i can no longer go due to chemical sensitivity. it was a real toxic soup there between the chlorine, cleaning products, other members' perfumed beauty products, and various maintenance projects. if you have a sensitivity i would suggest you do a couple trial runs before joining. most Ys let you buy a day pass.

    if you can do it though, it was really nice to do the water therapy class offered by the arthritis foundation. it is done in a warm water pool, and is very gentle. it is perfect for those with fibro, CFS or other chronic illnesses. the others in the class were all older adults, most with some sort of health issue, so very pressure-free, supportive environment, with leaders trained to adapt each exercise for varying abilities and needs.

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