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  1. paulajo

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    Does anyone know of a good exercise plan for fibro people. I am currently using the toning beds in our town and believe it is helping my flexibility some. I have difficulty getting up and down so floor exercise is painful. I would like to lose a few pounds but am more interested in not being stiff. I live in a small town so there are not a lot of choices. I'm thinking about yoga?

  2. dolsgirl

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    I would also like to exercise, but find any exercise makes me feel horrible all over.

    I have found just recently in the Northwest area of the state of Washington a place called Curves...I don't know if it's around the country or what.

    It's exactly a half hour work-out with resistive training for very short periods of time on machines, then, in between you're on a walking in place type of thing awaiting the timed person on the next work-out machine. It takes exactly one half hour from beginning to end.

    I've had patients that seem to tolerate it very well, no matter the age group or the diagnosis. I have friends doing it also.Whatever they're doing there, it's working for many people & is at least worth a look see. I've also heard that they give you one week free to see if you would continue it.

    People claim no horrible pain as with other work-out programs and it's recommeded that people only do it three days a week.

    I think I'll be checking it out once I finish with this job that's physically killing me on Tuesday. I'll have to let you know how it goes. dolsgirl
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    What a wonderful thing. When my doc suggested a regular routine (at least 30 minutes, 3X a week, cardio) I thought she was nuts. I didn't think it was a realistic goal. Boy, was I wrong. It has been a blessing for me. I follow a regular walking schedule (it's VCR Walk The Pounds Off), gentle stretching/yoga, swimming (when the pool is available), and if at all possible, low impact aerobics.

    I'm not into gyms - I don't like to be watched, coached, or feel uncomfortable about my looks. Find what works for you and start slowly while building up to your goals. Lisa
  4. healing

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    Actually, I think a stretching program such as Pilates, yoga or tai chi may be best. Water aerobics are also good because you are not stressing your joints.

    I do much better when I exercise, but then I'm not as bad off as some on this board. While I feel like just sitting or lying down many days, I always feel better if I make myself get up and move around.

    I try to walk, usually on a treadmill because it's easier on my joints, and I stretch using Pilates. I also use a chi machine (also known as a swing machine), which is very helpful for keeping my lymphatic system working (a rocking chair used 15 minutes twice a day can achieve a similar effect).
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    i got a beginers tape and it has really helped a lot.at first i thought i'd never be able to do it, but after a yr. it,s easy. and makes a difference for me.also mild walking on a treadmill is good.

    kathy c.