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    Hi everyone,

    I get these "Tip of the Day" e-mails regarding CFS etc. and often find them interesting and helpful. The other day, one was sent about exercise, and how it's good to do even a little bit of exercise when you have CFS or other related disorders.

    My Dr also recommended I do a little bit of exercise, just to keep somewhat healthy. So I tried, and the worst thing was, this morning - I couldn't do more than a minutes worth of exercise, and feel really "wonky" for the rest of the day! I was disgusted at myself for not being able to do more than 1 minute! I mean - what's 1 minute worth of jumping rope, or 1 minute worth of stretching?

    Does anyone else have these problems? Is there a way to overcome this - because, even though I have CFS, I need to do some kind of exercise - but it's almost difficult!!! HELP!

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    I made a pact with a friend last week to make exercise a part of our day. I didn't even make it a quarter of a mile on the treadmill and then was "WONKY" (love that word!!) the rest of the week. A curves just opened in our town and I would love to join but I am afraid! I don't want to feel wonky for the rest of my life!!!
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    That is a funny word "WONKY" - it must be an Australian one. Don't make me explain what it means ... I don't know! Couldn't put it into words :)
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    When I start with an exercise, that was all I could do, maybe a minute or two. But after a few weeks, you will be able to do a little more each time. You need to build your body back up to it.

    I walk to the mail box (its a half block up the drive way) that would be about 300 feet one way, so thats 600 hundred feet roundtrip! Does not sound like much, but it helps, I am moving my whole body with this little walk.

    Than I water the garden, pull a few weeds, plant a few plants, feed the wild birds, fill the four bird baths and a big container for the wild rabbits, squirrels, whoever else needs a drink!, and before I know it, I have spent about an hour or more moving my body doing these things outdoors.

    If I feel up to to, I get on the Nordic Track for only 2 minutes. Of course I have to climb steep steps to get to the Nordic Tract, so I include the two trips up and down the stairs too as exercise.

    Then later I go outside and feed, water, and play with my dogs. I also hose all the potted plants, pull some more weeds, and hose off the patio.

    I am not too good at doing the same thing over and over, I get stressed and bored. So I consider all the above as my exercise routine!

    Like someone else said, take a walk down your street each day, then pretty soon you will be able to go farther.

    Some of us have to start with less then five minutes, others can do more. It all depends on the individual.

    Do not worry about how much you can do, just do what you can without making yourself ache.

    Shalom, Shirl

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