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    when i started feeling better,i decided to join a gym.i was still having alot on joint and muscle pain-but i had to do something to further my progress.i kept reading about how exercise was suppose to help and my doc kept saying it.so i went to 24 hr fitness and they had a trainer there that worked alot with people that had problems.slowly i have gotten much better.i rarely have any muscle pain,foggy brain,walk into walls,ect.i can't tell you what a diifference this has made in my life.it's helped to give me back my life.there are still things i have to be careful of.like not over doing one thing for any lenght of time.then i still pay.but thanks to my docs-for the drugs that are helping- and thanks to my trainer,i feel as though i can live again.
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    try to excercise. I used to be so fit! Now I have gained so much weight that I am embarrased to go and afraid that I will die trying to get better.

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    I went between one and three times a week, and was enjoying it. It was helping me lose weight, and toned up my legs and arms a lot.

    I missed about three weeks over Christmas, then when I started going again, found it really hard to do any of the cardio vascular stuff (bike in particular) as it made my legs burn with pain. I was still able to do the weight machines but had to reduce the weights to around half what I had been doing.

    It was at this time I went to the doc about the leg pains and ended up diagnosed with fm.

    I've had to cancel my gym subscription as I can't afford to keep it up. I do walk a lot, mainly as I have a dog, which encourages me to go out, although my legs start aching fairly quickly, I just keep going only slow down. I also do stretches at home though they hurt like hell.

    I miss doing the weights as they were keeping my muscles from getting any flabbier!! I hope I'll be able to get to a gym again one day.
    Pam xx