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  1. tjlibby

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    What kind of exercise do you do? My doc told me to exercise, exercise, exercise. Some days I hurt to much to move. What about you? Teri
  2. finnigan1229

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    Hey Teri - WALK - WALK - WALK. I feel absolutely horrid if I don't walk first thing in the morning . . . even when I am really bad it helps. It also just plain helps you look better and healthier and it really helps to lose or keep the weight off. I have tried machines, swimming and all kinds of differant things and the walking is the best - at least for me. My dogs enjoy it too. I live in Arizona where the temp can be in the 80s and 90s first thing in the morning and believe me, there are a lot of days where I really have to force myself to go but am thankful later in the day. I started off with just a little walk a day and keep working my way farther along the trail every day. Good luck with whatever you choose!!!
  3. golden

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    I went on the treadmill 3 times a week for 2 months and at the end of 2 months I was climbing over 2,000 feet. This took away my depression and crying spells. A little over 2 weeks ago, I quit because of breathing problems and a nerve in my left leg bothering me. Today I had very bad crying spells with depression, but didn't last long. I just went to the gym and did a light treadmill of 30 minutes with a little over 1,000 climb. Fealt better afterwards.

  4. twerp

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    help me a lot. Especially the yoga - it raises my spirits as well as keeps my muscles toned. It's one of the few "social" events I participate in. The swimming I do only when the water is very warm (since I live in Phoenix, that's not much of a problem. Ha!)

  5. Mikie

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    I have a whole variety of gentle exercises to choose from. I have a beginning Pilates tape, a Yoga tape, and the tape which comes with the balance ball. I also do Tai Chi and swim laps. I walk when I can, but right now, we are in the throes of West Nile Virus and dawn is the only time it is bearable to walk down here. That will soon change.

    Love, Mikie
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    Try a mini trampoline or rebounder its nice and gentle and bouncing is meant to boost the immune system. Take it slowly though. Gentle yoga is great too, if I'm not well enough to do anything physically demanding.
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