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  1. I went to my rheumatologist last week. I gave him a list of all my symptoms.The list included the extreme fatique I have.His suggestion was aerobic exercices. My question to him was,how could I do that with the extreme fatique I have? His answer, start very slowly. Has anyone here been told to do exercise ?When I exert myself in the least I get fatiqued to the point of nausea. The rheumy has not diagnosed me w/cfs, but I beleive I have it. His diagnosis is ra,fms,oa,sjogren,ibs,spondylolhisthesis and scolliosis.
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    Hi, i was diagnosed with Firbomyalgia a couple of weeks ago, the dr recommended excercise also, i am so tired all of the time but i decided to try it, i just try to walk everyday and i will admit i don't feel as tired when i'm done. I just have to make myself do it. I hope that helps :)
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    dxed with Fibro 6 years ago. I have always tired to make exercise a part of my life. and I really did not have the daily pain I hear everyone else talk about.

    This past fall, I decided that I had so much MORE energy and time when I did not exercise. So I stopped exercising.

    My energy started to go down after 6 weeks and the pain was daily. After 3 months I got back on an exercise plan.

    Two times a week is all I need to keep the balance between exercise fatigue and fibro pain.

    I do light aerobics (Jazzercise), that depending on my day, I can customize it for me. It works, the pain is gone.
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    Here are some possible ideas:
    1. Check in your area if any gym has Feldenkrais classes. They are subtle movements done while lying on a mat. They are very helpful.
    2. Water aerobics.
    3. Walking...start slowly and build up stamina. Like walk a block or two and then increase slowly.
    4. You must stretch
    5. Try breathing and meditation
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    Hi lamnotgivingup,

    So sorry to hear about your many diagnoses. I TOTALLY understand your puzzlement over exercising when you feel extreme fatigue. I have been in your shoes. I felt like, how could I possibly exercise when I am so exhausted? It's a very counterintuitive instruction to be given. I thought my doctors were nuts to tell me this and couldn't possibly understand the fatigue I was experiencing.

    Hopefully sharing my story will help you. I had pain levels at over ten+. I was in bed all day on intense pain meds that weren't working and made me have intense nausea. This is about eight years ago. I realized after a few days or a week that this scenario was getting me nowhere and was incredibly depressing.

    I kept thinking about what my doctors told me about exercising and something clicked in my head. I figured that at that point, I had nothing to lose. I was already at a "rock bottom" point anyway doing nothing but sleeping all day. I got out of bed one day and started moving very gently for about three minutes, even though it hurt. (I hurt anyway, so who cares?) I stopped after the three minutes because my body wasn't used to moving.

    It felt SO EMPOWERING to get up though and move, I can't even tell you!!! I started doing this every day, doing three minutes, then eventually four, five and so on, gradually building up. Yes, I was in pain and I was tired, but that's because I wasn't physically conditioned. The exercise wasn't the cause of that, and it started helping, even on the first day

    I KNEW, even after the first day of moving, even just for three minutes, that my body somehow liked it and that I was going to keep doing it. The body can sometimes resists exercise in the first five to ten minutes of starting. That's the tough part sometimes, and that's true even if you are healthy. I always remind myself of that if I have a tough time getting going.

    I never push myself past my limits and always start slowly. For me, I don't like classes because the instructors tend to push to hard b/c they think it's helping. I either walk around my neighborhood or do aerobics and a very modified karate/tae bo (I used to take classes years ago and now modify it to my comfort level) in my home. I cheer myself on no matter if I do five minutes or thirty. Sometimes I break up my exercise and work out 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening (that helps keep the metabolism revved up too). I do whatever my body has the energy level on any particular day.

    Start slowly and applaud yourself for whatever you do! The fatigue goes away with the exercise. I still have some fatigue issues from other things, but the exercise helps a lot. Start slowly and if you skip a day or a few for whatever reason, no biggie. Just start again, always build gradually and also, don't forget to stretch your muscles so you don't get sore. When my body gets tired, I always stop. Hope this helps!

    Soft hugs,

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  6. Thank you all for replying with all great suuggestions. I will start very slowly and for the moment do only the exercises that can be done sitting or lying down. The walking will have to wait a while because my back is very compromised with the various conditions I have. Maybe as I get stronger I will be able to walk a few minutes a day.I know I have to do all of the above mentioned because the Dr. dx all of my conditions 13-15 yrs. ago and I just keep getting worst and worst and I do not beleive in all the meds. drs. want to give us.Thanks again to all of you for caring. Candi
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    many with me/cfs cannot tolerate aerobic exercise and many with fibro cant as well. many with fibro have muscle/tendon pathology (yes they do despite what many try and tell us) and so working those muscles and tendons too hard too long can and will make you worse so yes if you try and exercise (aeorbic and or resistance training) make sure you go slow and easy as most with fibro do not heal well and why we need to start so slow and increase at a very slow rate. good luck
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    Candi, that is wonderful you are giving it a go. You are doing the right thing by starting very slowly and going with your body and not against it. Whatever feels right for you is the best way to do it. Good luck my friend! Erika
  9. I started the exercises on 3/27.I am not doing aerobics, I think I would die if I did aerobics.I am doing exercises from when I went to pt a few years back. Back then the therapist gave me sheets of paper with the workout I was doing then.I am also doing very light weights (3lbs.) for my arms. My arms are very weak. The weights exercises I do sitting as well as the neck exercises.The exercises from the pt I do lying down.I do not think this is the workout my Dr. had in mind, but I figure at least I am stretching and tightening(a little bit) my muscles. I sincerely beleive my Dr. has no idea how really, really tired and fatigued I feel. I am also only doing like 15-20 minutes a day to start. I may do them every day or every other day.The days I have to do groceries or any other errand I can not do them, for you see I can only do one extra thing a day. Thank you all. Candi
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    You can do water aerobics plus simple stretching exercises to keep limber. Also, walk...begin slowly a block at a time and add a block each time you walk.
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    I too don't exercise at all, for me a workout is going to the grocery store and not usuing the electric cart. I walk around the store and get what few groceries I came there for and then I go home and sit down and relapse, yes I said relapse, it is not relaxing to feel like I have buring knee's and broken hips, thighs, and all my muscles ache all over. I never knew that bones could ache so badly. I would like to walk around the block but we don't have any sidewalks and since I am a honest klutz walking with out a side walk could do me great harm. Heck I tripped over a side walk and shattered my left wrist and broke my radius as well. I ended up having surgery and a titauim plate and screws put in my wrist to hold me together again. Now I have issue's as one of the screws have come loose and the cure for that More surgery> NO Way.!
    What ever you do take is slowly, don't push your self to increase how often you work out, I have fibro ,mps,DDD , spinal stenosis, buldging disc'sL4-L5, L5 -S1, end -stage oesteo-arthritis in both knee's. and oesteo arthritis in my left wrist the one with the plate and screws.

    Just take it slowly, don't quit just work at your own speed. Good wish's for you.
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    you said his diagnosis is RA, FMS, OA, Sjogren, IBS, and the spinal diseases?? No wonder you have no energy.

    Any one of those illnesses can make you hurt and feel exhausted.

    I say follow your own decision. No one lives in your body but you. If you want to try, start with slow stretching and deep breathing. Short walks, swimming if you have access to a pool. start anything SLOWLY. Don't push yourself too much too fast, or you'll put yourself into a crash. I always like the balance ball exercises.

  13. Thank you all so much. I did start the exercises, which consist of stretching and a little (3lbs) weight lifting for my arms.I do them sitting or lying down.I did try walking but the pain in my back is unbearable. I do the exercises very slowly.I do not concentrate on repetition and or sets.I can not do them everyday and sometimes not even every other day. I do realize my dr. has absolutely no idea what pain and fatigue are all about. He and many other drs.I am sure are oblivious to our misery.My dr. may be very book smart but very ignorant of my illnesses.Drs. do not realize when we say fatigued and tired we mean our bodies feel like it has been tied to a rope and the other end of the rope attached to a car bumper and dragged over rocks and then we are made to stand up and run, still attached to the rope, for many miles. Thanks to all Candi
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    You can do simple water aerobics, simple stretches, walking slowly on a tredmill or walk a block or two outside and then increase it as you can.