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    hi board
    been a while since i posted. This is frustrating!!!! Was doing really well with a weight lifting program, felt good, low use of pain meds. Now since the weather changed i am in soooo much pain dont know if i should keep moving or stop. this is the part i hate when i dont know what to do or not to do!!!! I feel different and shame that i have this disease, i just want to be alone and the people in my life dont understand they take it as rejection. I dont even feel like taking care of their feelings, if they dont like it then thats that. I just want to stop hurting, it is devouring me. my brain tells me "i want to do all these things" my body says "yeh RIGHT" This is very frustrating. My mother, when ever i say i have pain she gasps, its like its the worse thing in the world or something. I dont know just venting I hate this, I know it will pass just when. Love you guys.
    Jean Ann
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    Can't help you with the pain stuff, since I have CFS.

    I don't think you should be ashamed of having this DD. You didn't choose it! As far as your friends go, have you considered copying something for them to read about it? When I first registered here, they sent me a brochure with a brief description of both CFS and Fibro. Maybe you could have your friends read it. Or write them a letter explaining things. It's not that you don't want to spend time with them, etc., but when you're in that much pain you don't want to be around anybody. That's pretty bad phrasing, but I hope it conveys my meaning. Or maybe just try explaining things when you have the energy to spare.

    These illnesses would be bad enough without all the other crap that stems from it....
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    I was just going to post this question and saw your post. I can relate totally. But I am learning that I just can not do what my body/mind craves anymore.
    Last night I did a FEW strengthing exercises and I payed for it to the point where I won't do it again-well until maybe day after tomorrow? I don't know. It IS tough.
    Just wanted to say I understand. I am going to ask my doctor about this because I think there is a different reason/approach for each of us depending on the type of illness. At least knowing WHY it hurts bad (instead of the good hurt I used to love) would make me feel better.
    Perhaps you can find some answers through your doctor too?
    Just a thought.
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    thank you for your sweet kind words. It really means so much to have people identify with us. It will be ok and this too shall pass. I really identify with the hurt good and the hurt bad. there is a big difference.
    love you