Exhausted after a few hours at work

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Mar 27, 2009.

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    No matter how I feel when I get to work lately, I can barely keep my eyes open by 2 PM every day! I can't figure this out. Yesterday I was off and I was fine! I keep thinking it has to be something here, but what??? does anyone have ANY idea what is up with this? It is not stress, because today i am here alone with no stress at all. I have FM by the way. I am really frustrated with this!

    Just to give you an idea, Wednesday this happened to me and after I got home I kept moving around the house until I went to church and eventually felt better! I have been here for a year and this has not been happening consistantly until recently. It is so hard to figure out since this DD is so unpredictable to start with... GRRRR
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    Nearly everyone does; that's why they have siestas in civilised countries! :)

    Every day I have to do something different to make it through that slump. It's far worse if I haven't kept my blood sugar up by eating a good breakfast or lunch. I would be a lot healthier if I didn't have to work, but I do - so I take it one day at a time.
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    You didn't exactly say what your job is. Do you sit at a desk or are you up running around?

    I'm thinking if you sit at a desk, you're just plain bored. Get up and move around more if you can. That's what I do. However, sometimes that doesn't help and I'm just plain tired.
  4. lvjesus

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    I am a bookkeeper for a small company whose office is an old old house turned office. I sit most of the time but can get up and move around. I have been there a year and this has just started happening on a daily basis. I tend to think it is something environmental because it is just like I have been drugged basically. I can barely keep my eyes open. It is VERY bizarre!

    Here is an example. Yesterday I struggled to make it till 4 PM. Then I left and went to Sam's to get some things. I was a zombie through Sam's, went to the grocery store to pick up a couple more things, started to feel better as time went by. By the time I got home (an hour to an hour and a half after I got off) I felt fine. I stayed up till 11PM, watched a movie and some tv and slept fine.

    I don't smell mold, there is no new carpet or paint or anything like that. I turned on the air purifier that is in there and seemed to feel a bit better for a short while, but it did not last. I did read some fairly frightening things about mold when I did a google search though.

    I thought someone might have some insight. That is what I love about this board, lots of experience to draw on!

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I am grateful for your taking the time to answer me and try to help. I don't know how a nap would work out if I could even take one. I might have to try taking a lunch break and see if I can "snap out of it" for the afternoon. I work 8:30 - 4:30 with no break now (my choice) but I have done that since I started and this is a recent development.

    If it persists through the spring and summer I might have to go to the doc to see what he thinks. But he is a GP and I don't know what experience he might have with this type of complaint.

    God Bless
  5. lukelinnmark

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    How old is this house you work at?If it is over 50 years old it could have aspestise in it and that will really make you sick and even cause cancer and other health problems.I worked in construction all my life and I no they made siding and all kinds of building material out of it untill they realized it was causing major health problems.I've worked on some of these old homes and we had to wear suits and ventalation mask to remove all the aspestise and it had to be put in 50 gallon drum barrows sealed tite.don't mean to scare you but it may be something to look into.sorry about my spelling its not to good.Good Luck!Mark

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