Exhausted after dinner

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowee, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. meowee

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    is anyone else , at times, completely exhausted after they have eaten a large or med. large meal. Last night was a nightmare, I was nearly halfway done with my meal and so exhasted I had to go to bed. My husband helped me as I was staggering and banging into things.

    It was dreadful.

    anyone else ever get this way?

    tHANK YOU.
  2. Ivory123

    Ivory123 New Member

    "Yes," eating seems to require energy, especially when I'm feeling more than "usually tired."

    In the morning, it doesn't seem to tire me as much.
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  3. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Yes, after eating I would practically pass out. Eat's easy to manage but very inconvenient. Don't mix starch and protein is the most important, see food combining rules. Don't eat 3 big meals, eat several small during the day. Take digestive enzymes with every meal and betaine hcl with proteins. Don't eat alot of protein at one time. Eat lots of vegetables. For me, food is no longer a luxury of enjoyment, it's now medicine. Try at least a couple of these things and you should have an easier time. hope this helps, karen
  4. sascha

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    it can happen when i'm out with a friend, and i just can't continue whatever activity we're engaged in- even just talking.

    recently i kind of cornered myself into preparing dinner for 12 people. this is absurd for me to even contemplate, but my dear aunt had just died and family was visiting. there really was no where else for that many people to congregate except for the apartment where i rent a room. so i volunteered to fix dinner. i made it as easy as i could and farmed out parts of the meal, but i could barely stand by the time people started arriving. they wound up taking over and i sank to the floor on a pile of cushions. when they ate at the table, i went to bed.
    the fatigue, aches, and overall incapacity to function is like running into a brick wall.

    check out Marta's recent post based on research and theories from Dr. Myhill. there is excellent information there, plus protocol for treatment. you can find the article on www.immunesupport.com website ("CFS as Heart Failure Secondary to Mitochondrial Malfunction: A Nutritional Support Protocol"

    i hope we find help with this debilitating condition- Sascha

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