Exhausted from this weeks events/decent day today

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    Most of you know that I was turned down for the first time this week by disability. I have since contacted and atty and everything to get the ball rolling on my reconsideration.

    Yesterday I was having a semi-normal day I was still really exhausted and in pain but just needed to get out a while. Hubby took me shopping. We don't have much money at all but he seen how stressed I have been all week and wanted to get me out. I bought me a massaging shower head. If anyone doesnt have one of these GET ONE! It was awesome. It gave me chills when I took a shower. Also my medication doseage was changed on my pain med from oxycontin 10mg2 times a day to 20mg 2 times a day and its been helping too. So today I felt well enough to go out the liberary and get all of my journal printed and copied (thank goodness I have a friend that works there or it would have cost me about 30 bux) I was glad to get it done so I can take it to my lawyer visit when I go. I have heard it helps to have everything documented What do you think??? Will that help my case?? I am also getting some of my close friends and family to write letters on my behalf hoping it will help prove my case. Hubby took me to dinner today too the first time in forever and we ended up getting 2 dinners and drinks for 4 bux and some change because it took so long to get our order so I have to say its been a pretty good day. The new dosage has not given me any more side effects than the other mg so far and seems to be taking the edge off pretty good. Well I just wanted to see what you all thought about the letters and the journal and let you know that I have had a good couple of days I know so many times we forget to tell the good stuff that happens because its so few that it does happen. Love to hear back from you all!!

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    I`m glad you had a good couple of days but sorry to hear about the disability. I have not tryed to apply yet my self so I`m not really knowledgeable in that area. But I do think your doing the right thing thing getting a lawyer and using your journals. I wish you good luck on all that.

    I liked the idea of the shower head so much I`m thinking of getting one. I thing it would feel wonderful.

    I`m sure others hear will have more to say about the disability claim. Wishing you all the best!
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