exhausted......what do you do for energy?

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  1. I am so tired of being exhausted, then at night I sleep a short time and toss and turn! ....
    any ideas?
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    For me what works is exercising. Nothing strenuous; as long as a I get some physical activity during the day then I tend to sleep relatively well at night. I do wake up a few times, however, I average about 6 to 9 hours of total sleep each night. I have to emphasis that I am still just as exhausted during the day regardless of how much sleep I get. Also, if I over exert myself during the day, then I suffer from post-exertional malaise (PEM) for days to weeks afterwards, however, I consider it worth it as I am able to sleep because of the physical activity. I do have some spells where the PEM is so bad that for at least a few days I find it hard making it through the day.
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    Well, I have to take some sort of narcotic pain pills in order to kill the pain and get me up and going. I know this is displeasing to some, but this is the only thing that wrks for me. It's either this, or lay in the bed in pain and let each day pass me by.

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    They contain malic acid that is generally good for energy. Also look for magnesium with malic acid too. But, don't eat your apple in the evening.

    Good reminder for me--I need to get some more apples too.
  5. I swear I took ambien for a wk and it DIDN"T help! This is unreal, I have to make a dr appt. I am up all night, sleep a maximum of two hrs, up three times to potty. Then exhausted ALL day long.
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    Medication to help you sleep is very important. I have found that rotating two or three medications or supplements is helpful. I use calmplex 2000 which is an herbal remedy. I also use tramadol which helps with pain and sleep.

    During the day I use D-Ribose. I take two tsp two-three times per day. Make sure you do not take it close to bedtime as it will keep you awake. I take it in the morning, with lunch and again, before I make dinner. It does give me a burst of energy and helps me to stand in the kitchen and cook.
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    Hi there. I also tried ambien, and with me it did the opposite of sleep, it kept me awake. I'm goona try the Melatonin like Jamin mentioned, my rheumy also mentioned it. Boy, would it be nice to get a whole nights sleep. Wishing you luck.


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    Hi Fibrobutterfly,

    I think you need to get a doctor to help you with this asap. I had (and have) fibro for a few years prior to being diagnosed with CFS. I had a number of bad car accidents and in one was struck from behind by an 18 wheeler while I was sitting at a red light. My startle reflex went nuts for months. I STOPPED sleeping. Frequently for as long as 3 days. Of course, the pain which was not being treated made it impossible for me to just lie in bed and hope for sleep which made it impossible to actually fall asleep. I think stopping sleeping is a health emergency and in my case caused the CFS. I take a trazadone (50 mg) at 8pm and a lunesta (3 mg) at bedtime. For a long time I also took 2 lyrica (75 mg) with the lunesta. That will knock you out. I know everyone says they don't like to feel groggy and you may but if you don't sleep your adrenals will stop working. They will rage in order to keep you moving and then they will just stop. In my case, they stopped and CFS began. I know it is not the only cause but one of many.

    I think CFS is not a linear illness but a circular one. We all get on at different degree points on the circle so we all look a little different at any given time. But give a group of us 20 years and we will all make the same stops! Sometimes when I read the board the symptoms I call a relapse are the symptoms someone else calls a flare. And sometimes the reverse is true. Sometimes the circle moves clockwise and sometimes counter hence it is relapsing and remitting like some cases of MS. This is just my theory as I have sent 15 years watching my symptoms come and go and come again. I thought I had gotten rid of Fibro for 5 years but it is now back - not as bad but back.

    I hope you are sleeping soon.

    I also take D-ribose 3 x a day and considered it a miracle for energy for about 1 year but now I am in a bad relapse and it is not working as well. Still, I know better than to not take it. You forget how bad off you were before you started on a med or supplement.