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  1. ST1978

    ST1978 New Member

    This is my first time posting and I have a question. My dx is causing problems in my marriage. I am so tired that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light. My husband attributes this to my lack of interest in him or love making. Is this happening with anyone else?
  2. SleepyMama

    SleepyMama New Member

    I'm sure you can guess it was never resolved. We did get to the point eventually where I had him understanding that wasn't the reason for it....but by that point all his whining and self-pity had turned me off, so it became a reality.
    Eventually, I re-committed to the relationship and found my way past that, but he always came up with an other thing to complain about. I guess he's just destines to be miserable and I'm not going there with him.
    I really hope that your husband finds a way to understand and that you can find the energy to have a little fun ;)
  3. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    I resorted to "quickies" before he leaves for work. It works us.

  4. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    I can relate to this.I am fortunate to have the man I do. He takes good care of me, even though at times it makes me very lazy. I don't have an answer for you but opening up to him may help. If you have no desire, perhaps you can do it just for him because he needs that as a confirmation that you still love him etc. Men are so different from us. Talk to your dr about this. GOOD LUCK!

  5. ST1978

    ST1978 New Member

    Thanks to all who replied. I had my husband read your responses and have asked him to read some of the other postings. I think he may be finally getting it!

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