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    I am so exhausted! My body just won't function. Is there anything we can do when the exhaustion takes over. Is there anything to help with the exhaustion. I'm so tired of not being able to anything. I'm just tired of having to lay around and do nothing. Is there anything that helps with this. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! I'm too young and have 4 children and a husband who needs me to do more than sleep. We are dying financially but I get so tired just washing my hair and trying to dry it how can I help my husband with the finances? PLEASE ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE APPRECIATED! Thank you!
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    I'm sorry you'll feeling so beat today~ I just related so well to your post.I feel the same way~ I have 3 boys and well.....my hubby has them at the movies right now~I did'nt feel well enough to go~ I'm in a flare,and my IBS is really bad the last few days! As for the financial strain.I truly feel that too.I feel so bad for not being able to earn a living! Sometimes when there's job adds in the newspaper,he'll show them to me.(must be a hint!)He does'nt understand that leaving my job was the only option for me,and that I really miss being a part of the working world!! I'm exhausted just doing the dishes and a load of wash! Thats what i've done so far today and besides making dinner at 4,that'll be it~ Big day huh?
    Hope your feeling more energy tomorrow!
    (wish I could offer more advice on energy~ I just don't know of anything.I tried enada-no luck there!I've tried ginsing....did'nt like the heart racing!)
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    I'm sorry you feel so bad, but don't give up. This is going to sound silly, but on my worst days the most important thing is time to myself. Get your hubby to look after the kids for 1/2 hour, have a hot, uninterrupted bath, with some rosemary essential oil or ones that work for you (try a combination that relaxes and energises)and then go back to thr fray. You are likely to have more energy to cope. At the moment, you are running from crisis to crisis and this is not going to make you better. No matter how hard it is, you need time out.

    Take care of yourself and if you want to write to me, even if it is just to let off steam, please do so. I'll be thinking of you.


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    I was just prescribed this about 4-5 months ago by my doc who indicated it was very effective for her other FM/CFS patients..and I have seen a very noticeable difference in my energy levels..I had not been able to move much either due to bacterial infections, etc. ....although, can't guarantee because we all can differ in biochemistries, I think it is worth a try and I have NOT had any bad side effects, either.. HOPE IT HELPS YOU TO KEEP UP WITH THE KIDS AND HUBBY!! AMELIA
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    I am right there with ya! I was so exhausted taking a shower and blow drying my hair today I had to go lie back down. Our dog has this kidney disease so he is up every few hours going outside to go potty so it's just like a newborn. I called into work today to say I was working from home. I am event planner and am getting very anxious about the 3 events I have planned this year. I don't know how I am going to manage.

    These are some things that work for me (sometimes)

    I take 2 magnesium supplements in the AM. This helps with energy as well as constipation since a lot of meds bring that on.

    I also take Flexeril only at night to get to stage 4 sleep which helps.

    I also like to watch things on TV or read things that make me laugh. I know it is a small silly thing but it makes me feel better:)

    I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning even though I feel like I need 12 but then I don't crash later on.

    I agree with the others as far as going slow and getting time to yourself. I don't know about you but I feel so guilty when I have to cancel things that I want to do. That is the hardest thing I have to work on. I pray each night before bed and dream of popping out of bed the next morning, having tons of energy to do everything and anything I want for the day, and so on. But, I guess that is not in the plans right now.

    Hang in there. We are here for you. I will be praying for you as well.

    Take care and rest up.

  6. DebP

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    Sorry you are feeling so bad, and know that i can relate!!! One thing i have tried is B12, you can either take tablets or see if your doc will give you the shots. I have noticed I have more energy since i have been taking them for a month now. Sorry dont have more suggestions, hope this one helps if you try it!!

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    I very seldom post anymore but your post struck me. Like one of the other posts said do not give up. I can remember for a couple of years taking a shower and drying my hair was all I could do. It exhausted me. I felt lousy!!! For some reason the CF went away, so don't give up. I was told people who have CF should not take a hot bath or shower because it makes the fatigue worse and they are right. I started taking luke warm showers and it helped. Good luck dear, the finances always seem to be a struggle when one of the spouses has this syndrome. Don't feel guilty, you didn't ask for this, no one does, hang in there. There is always hope.
    Sincerely, Kimo
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    I read the other posts and I also take Wellbutrin during the day AND ALSO Flxeril before bed to get into stage 4 sleep. This combination seems to work OK. Still not 100% healthy but it does allow for a little "window" of time to feel so-so.

    I used to feel exactly as you do - Shower, exhaustion, blow dry hair, exhaustion and so on. Its like you want your body to just GO! and it won't. Also used to work full time and left job 2 years ago. Health wise it was a good move, Financially, Not a good move. I am debating SSD or not. Do you have this option?

    Check with your Dr. about Wellbutrin and Flexeril. Mine said this combination is working for a number of his patients. (Not All but still worth a try.) I've had Fibro for ten years and we have to know whats out there and give the Drs some suggestions sometimes.


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    very much for your response to my post. I really do appreciate all of you!
    Soft hugs to all
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    I am new to the board, have been reading posts for awhile.

    I had to respond to this one as i was just at my dr. on wed again for this. I was diagnosed with CFS dec. 02. Celexa did not work so she put me on wellbutrin 150mg once a day then 150mg twice a day. this seemed to help some, but 300mg a day made me very moody and upset for no reason. I am now taking 200mg wellbutrin once a day and that seems to be ok. it lets me have a couple of hours where i feel like i can function to get soom houswork done. it doesn't work mircles though and from reading other posts it sounds like no matter what you take it is what works best for you and gives you the most relif if only for a litte bit each day, as nothing is going to make all the exhaustion go away. i was also taking flexeril at nite. this was my second sleep med. i am now trying neurontin 300mg to try to sleep. my dr. doesn't know what to think as the meds only seem to work for a couple of weeks then i am back to being up most of the nite toss & turn.

    see if your dr. can get you on something to try, so maybe you can get a little relief. good luck to you

    Thanks to all, this board has been a good source for me. I don't feel so alone with what I am going through, as I have been out of work since dec. 01 an now am applying for ssdi.