Exhusted and it is only 3 pm . What will I be like tonight?

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    I feel like I have been taken out and beaten with a chains and baseball bats, and then I have been forced to run around the track for hours on end. Has this happened to me NO!.

    But just cleaning my house to get ready for my daughter and SIL and Grandson{19 months} for the night and the weekend.

    For some unknown reason I could not sleep last night. I would doze for a while and then I was awake and looking at the clock, I would sleep for about 15 minutes at a time so the night was rather long and more tiring than usual. And forget about waking up and doing things.

    But I did not have a choice as my youngest daughter called me at 8 am and informed me that she , her hubby and the grandson are going to be here late. And that was the signal for me to clean up the house and make the beds and vvaccum floors and do the dishes and clean up my told paints and all the wood projects that I have laying around the house .

    Because if I don't pick them up my grandson will get ahold of them and I don't know if or when I will be able to find where he has hidden them. He is like all 19 months olds having more energy than they know what to do with .He runs around laughing , playing and wanting attention all the time and at the same time he wants to play with MY coumpter and open as many files as possiable while running his cars over the keys.

    And when I say NO and shut off the coumpter he will still climb in the chair and rock it till it falls with him on top of it. NOt getting hurt he will stand there and yell at it and kick it .

    And getting him to bed is a night mare he does not want to sleep so in the room that they stay in I have to clean up everything that my middle daughter has left out and about so that the grandbaby can't get to it and play with it. He will cry and throw a fit when it comes time for him to sleep.
    And in the morning just before they will leave to go home till Saturday he will want to wake up this overly tired Grandma and kiss her , I don't mind that at all. But far too soon my daughter will say it is time to go to work and he will run to the door and start banging on it to leave NOW>.

    As soon as I ended one phone call at 8 am with me not being a morning person my middle daughter calls from CT. Where she is a nanny. She wants to know what I want for christmas and I had e-mailed her the list of things I want from a store called LUSH that sells bath products that have natural smells and are made as naturally as possiable.

    But some will melt if I were to order them at they are gorund transported and I can only get them in the winter and since she is out there where there is a store that is what I would like her to get me .

    That way there won't be shipping and handling. Just food and a home to live in when she gets here .

    AS she is quitting being a nanny after 3 families and 5 years.

    And oh by the way MOm my boy friend is comming to and he will need a place to stay for two weeks. The call went on for quite a while as I had to search for the list of things I wanted.
    And she was telling me all the things she wants to do when she gets here.

    So finally I did get to sleep for a while but then I woke up with a start as every muscle in my body jumped hard. I thought that it was far later than it was so up I jumped and started to clean my house .

    I have made the beds and found pillows for every one and blankets as well . MY dish wahser has been loaded and run but I have not put the dishs away as of yet.

    I have moved my tole painting stuff so that the grandson can't get in to it and I have cleaned up my living room as well now I need to vaccum as well.

    This grandbaby still likes to put things in his mouth and does so a lot. HE also likes all kinds of medisines and just drank his dimetapp a week or so ago and scared us all but he was ok.

    So I have made sure that all my meds are out of his sight and that when I have gotten out my days worth of pills that I have not dropped any on the floor so I really need to vaccum .

    Even though I have not found any thing of mine of the floor. I just want to be safe and not have anything on the floor that he would think is candy.

    And the floor needs to be vaccumed but there are all of my hubby's things on the floor as well , yesterdays shirts and the mail from a week ago, bloxes that he wants kept for reasons I don't know.

    OH well I better gget started on this so that by the time they get here tonight the house will be cleaned up and the floor will look good as well.

    Now I am even more tired as I having just written all this down, before I knew what I had to do but writting about it makes it sound like I have to clean the White House. All by my self, so off I go to get some more cleaned up . I need a break so that I can rest for a while now.

    How I hate house work and even more the feeling that it makes me so exhusted and feeling like I have been wrung out and twisted till there is nothing left in me.

    But I will survive me and my achey -breaky -body. It is aching all ready and my eye's want to close as I type so I better get started at doing something or my eye's will close and I will sleep instead of cleaning the house.

    HUGS to all,
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    Sorry your post for lost here. I hope everything went well and you had a good Thanksgiving!! Let us know how you are doing..

    Take care
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