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  1. john1836

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    If you have a financial hardship it is possible to expedite your disability claim.
  2. GrandmaDebi

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    Could you give me more information on how to expedite my claim to social security? We are really struggling to stay in our apartment, since I am not working and my husband is retired and has Parkinson's.
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  3. Did you find out how to expedite a claim?
  4. joanierav

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    i would hightly recommend a disability lawyer. he only gets paid if you win your case. good luck. joanierav
  5. Nobaddaisies

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    I would love to expedite! I've lost my job and my home. My debts are so big... Oh my! Please, if anyone knows... Do tell
  6. GlennFoster

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    I would recommend you to hire a lawyer.
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