Experiences with Cymbalta, esp with addressing itching?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. shelbo

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    How has this helped you? I remember reading here recently someone was helped with severe itching... This is a major issue for me and antihistamines don't help. It's really severe and and not typical. It is deep and intense and moves around from second to second... Exhausting and hard to keep up with! But, impossible to ignore... :( I'd love to hear from the person it helped... How much they take and how long it was before they saw results, what else it helped with and if their itching problem sounds similar to mine (I believe mine is allergy but it is very intense and doesn't respond to allergy meds)


    Shelbo :)
  2. Jittle

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    Don't know if it was me you were talking about. But before cymbalta I had a terrible itch under my skin in my back that would not go away( I found aout just before starting cymbalta it was something to do with nerves). Doc already had me on vicodin: I would take one and the itch would stop for about an hour and then would come back. I started the lowest dose of cymbalta, 20mg, and the doc said that was not even a dose that would help FM . But it did. The first thing was it finally, after years of dealing with, stopped the itch. Within 2 days the itch was gone. And it started to help other FM problems.

    It took me a long time to up the dose. Normal for FM is 60, I am on 90. It took me almost a year just to get up to 60 to avoid side effects.

    any questions let me know. Good luck
  3. shelbo

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    I know you mention your itching being caused by nerves but do you happen to know if your itching was also caused by allergies at all? Mine is, I know for sure, but anti-histamines don't help... I was told I do not have allergies per se (rather a kind of chemical sensitivity and over-reactive system) and I think this is why anti-histamines don't help. I may ask my doctor for the low dose you started on anyway :)
    Can I ask if you had any negative side-effects? Thanks :) Shelbo
  4. luv2float

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    There are also anti-itch creams available in most drug stores. I also use "Benadryl Spray", it works wonders.
  5. Saoirse3

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    I was at the point where I was using a vegetable scrubber to scratch with because I itched so bad! And discovered one of the side effects of opiods IS itching. Also, I have liver disease and that in itself can make you feel like you have fleas!

    I found that pure, organic coconut oil rubbed into my skin made the itching stop. And gave me nice skin too! I keep a big jar in the bathroom, and right after a bath I rub it all over. Even if I do smell like a surfer's convention, it really worked for me!
  6. dleh

    dleh New Member

    I had a terrible reaction to Zyban awhile back. I took Clariton and it made a world of difference.


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