Experiences with Lexapro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LoriBailey, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. LoriBailey

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    I was recently switched from 20 mg Celexa to 10 mg Lexapro.
    My doctor switched me because I was getting into a bad depression. I've noticed I'm having a hard time getting to sleep now. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this?
    *Note: I had been on 10 mg Celexa for over 3 years (originally prescribed for anxiety attacks). I'm sure my body was so use to the Celexa that I needed either the dosage increased or a change since I was really into a bad depression). This is why the Dr. changed me.
  2. LoriBailey

    LoriBailey New Member

    No one is on Lexapro?
  3. libralady

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    I started Lexapro last December. I really had a hard time sleeping until my body acclimated itself to the medication. Once it did, it really helped my moods and overall energy level. So if you can just be patient for a few weeks. I did take a little Valerian and some Rescue Remedy on some of the bad nights. Also, I have 2 friends on Lexapro that claim it made them so sleepy, they have to take it at night! Go figure!

    Good luck and hang in there............LibraLady
  4. achy

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    Hiya Lori,

    I've been on Lexapro for just over 6 months and it has changed my life...yes, that dramatic.
    I was on Zoloft at first and it worked really well, but then one day it just stopped, leaving me wiht a just don't care..."whatever" kinda attitude. Doc switched me to Wellbutrin, tried it for 6-8 months wiht no help..my depression got deeper.
    It took about 1 week before I noticed a difference on the Lexapro..which was early according to my doc. I started on 10mg in the am and was reduciing the wellbutrin at night.
    After a month I stopped the wellbutrin. For me, taking the Lexapro in the Am made me sleepy, so I take it about 8pm and go to bed around 10. I also take flexeril, so most nights I sleep pretty good. I don't notice any side effects and my mood is much better.

    Give it a chance...either take it earlier or try it in the am...but check wiht your doc just in case...anohter med you are taking might have an effect..like they shouldn't be taken together, etc...

    Good luck, hope i helped

    Warm fuzzies
  5. SherryC

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    After much discussion with my healthcare professional, I reluctantly started taking lexapro. I have never felt like I had a depression problem. I just felt miserable and fatigued from this fibro. It took a few weeks to show much improvement, but I have to say I feel better. I still have some fatigue, but nothing like i did. Since it has only been about a month since I started I expect more improvement. I had to change my dose of 10 mg to bedtime because i was so sleepy during the day. I also take 5 mg ambiem which I also consider to be a miracle drug. So I usually sleep very well.
  6. lin21

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    I am taking Lexapro for about 3 weeks now and I really don't see any changes. Is lexapro supposed to help with the pain or is it just for depression? I am having more anixety attacks now than before and I really don't feel anything but maybe it's too soon.

  7. annetteg1969

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    Hi I was on Lexapro for a few months it did nothing for me I tried the 10&20mg they didn't work for me,If anything I was more irritable!I back to Prozac and I can feel the difference.Have you ever tried Prozac?Annetteg
  8. lynnkat

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    I switched docs awhile back and she perscribed Lexapro for me. When I went back for a follow up visit she increased it from 10 mg to 2o mg. After a couple of days my hands started shaking really bad--couldn't control the shaking.

    I called the doc's office and was told to cut it back to the 10 mg. Isn't it weird how meds affect people differently?

    My husband went with me to the doc's office on my first visit and when she was explaining about the drug she said that she calls it the "happy" pill. She said that maybe her patients didn't feel any better but the people around them sure notice the change. Now when I get upset about anything my husband and son ask me if I have taken my "happy" pill. Such is life I guess especially with this fibro stuff. LOL

    Lexapro doesn't make me sleepy at all. I was taking ambien, flexeril, and elavil right before bed until the doc said that I should get off sleeping pills and even that combo didn't make me drowsy either. I just must have a hard head since nothing seems to help!!! LOL

    Hope you are feeling better and find which meds work best for you.

    Take care and greetings from windy Kansas---we have 50 mph winds here today and we aren't even close to the hurricane that is going to hit the coast.

    Be well and laugh when ya can. :) lynnkat